May 16 2024

Affordable Living Redefined - Exploring Affordable and Cheap Transportable Homes in NZ

In an era where traditional homeownership is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many, the appeal of cost-effective alternatives is on the rise. New Zealanders are turning towards innovative housing solutions that don't compromise on quality or[…]

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Apr 23 2024

Customisation Options for Modular and Transportable Homes

Manor Build offers customisable house plans and options for modular and transportable homes. Building a new house has never been easier. We have a variety of home designs and floor plans in our house collection. These options cater to different[…]

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Apr 17 2024

Your First Home: A Buyer's Guide to Prefab, Modular and Transportable Homes

Embarking on the journey to homeownership can be exhilarating, yet daunting, especially for first-time buyers. With the rise of prefab, modular, and transportable homes as affordable, efficient, and sustainable alternatives to traditional[…]

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Jan 26 2024

The 4 most popular transportable homes design options in 2023

We have explored the most popular design options that our clients were interested in for 2023. While there were many options to choose from, only a few stood out as the top choices.

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Oct 18 2023

Weathertex exterior cladding explained

Are you wondering which cladding to use on your home’s exterior? In this article, we share the type of cladding we use here at Manor Build and explain the benefits that set it apart. We also explain how to choose the right cladding for your home.

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Jul 15 2021

What is a positive pressure home ventilation system?

Living in a warm, dry and safe home is vital for our day to day health and wellness. As New Zealander’s we spend on average 69.7% of each day at home indoors. That is roughly 16 hours a day, and slightly more if you work from home, are retired or[…]

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Jun 17 2021

Different types of roof style options explained

A roof is one of the most important and practical features of a home. It not only protects the house and its occupants from the elements, but its style can help play a significant role in the overall look and appeal of a home, both internally and[…]

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Dec 17 2020

Our most popular house designs

As we come to the close of an interesting year we’ve scoured our build records to work out which of our house plans have been the most sought-after of 2020. From simple 2 bedroom plans to larger family designs there were a wide array of potential[…]

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Nov 26 2020

How customisable is a Manor Build home?

Building a home can be a very personal experience. Over the years you may have created a list of features you’d ideally want in your next home, or you may simply want to express your individuality in your house design. And while not everyone can[…]

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