Oct 18 2023

Weathertex exterior cladding explained

Exterior cladding NZ

Are you wondering which cladding to use on your home’s exterior?

In this article, we share the type of cladding we use here at Manor Build and explain the benefits that set it apart. We also explain how to choose the right cladding for your home. 



How to choose exterior cladding


House cladding serves several vital functions, both practical and aesthetic. Below are some attributes to consider when evaluating house cladding options. 

1. Weather Resistance

The main purpose of cladding is to provide protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind and UV radiation. It should prevent moisture from penetrating the structure and causing damage.

2. Durability

Cladding materials should be able to withstand long-term exposure to the elements without deteriorating, warping, or cracking. This reduces maintenance needs and increases the lifespan of the cladding.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

As a prominent feature of a building's exterior, cladding should enhance the visual appeal of the house. We recommend choosing a cladding material and style that complements the architecture and overall design. 

4. Low Maintenance

Opt for cladding materials that require minimal maintenance. Some materials may need periodic cleaning or painting, while others are virtually maintenance-free. 

5. Environmental Impact

Sustainable cladding materials, such as those made from recycled or renewable resources, can reduce the environmental footprint of the building.

6. Installation

Cladding that is easy to install can save time and money during the construction or renovation process.

7. Resistance to pests and decay

Some materials are more resistant to pests and fungi, helping to extend the lifespan of the cladding. 

8. Cost

Consider the initial cost of the cladding material, as well as potential long-term savings from reduced maintenance and energy efficiency. 

9. Compatibility 

The chosen cladding material should be compatible with the structural elements of the house and any insulation systems in place. 

10. Regulatory Compliance

All claddings in New Zealand have to comply with the building code. Make sure your chosen cladding meets these requirements. 



Weathertex cladding


Here at Manor Build, we use Weathertex cladding on all our prefab homes. This trusted brand is renowned for its sustainability, wide range of durable products, and affordability. Weathertex weatherboards are made from 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax, see below for the manufacturing process and the advantages these boards provide. 

The Weathertex manufacturing process

In the first step of the process, chipped Eucalypt hardwood is separated into base fibres. Most of the sugars and starches are removed and the coarse fibre is ground down. The refined fibre is then added to the board-forming machine, where excess water is drained away, producing a wet-lap. 

The wet-lap is trimmed and hot-pressed to remove further water and cook the fibres. This holds the board together, without the need for resins or toxic binders. When the boards are ready, a humidification machine restores their equilibrium moisture content of 8%. 

The boards are then planed to a nominal thickness of 9.5mm, cut into planks, moulded into shape, cured, and primed with a white acrylic primer. 


Watch the video below to see this process in action. 


Benefits of Weathertex cladding

100% Natural

All Weathertex products are made from 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax. The wax improves water resistance, protecting against the elements. 


All Weathertex products have a better than zero carbon footprint. 


For over 45 years, Weathertex products have been tested and proven in various environments. 

No toxic additives

Weathertex contains no added silica, glues, resins, or formaldehyde. 

25-year Warranty

Weathertex is backed by a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing decades of low-maintenance protection for your new home.  

Various colour options

Weathertex has no Light Reflectance Value (LRV) restrictions, which means it can be painted in dark colours without affecting warranty conditions. 


The light weight of Weathertex makes it ideal for transportable homes

BRANZ Appraised

Weathertex has a BRANZ Appraisal, giving you peace of mind that it is reliable, durable, and high-quality.  

Fast installation

Weathertex products are usually supplied primed and ready for painting on-site. This allows our team to clad your prefab home much faster than with other cladding products. 


Weathertex cladding profiles 

Weathertex is a proven cladding product, available in various profiles, some of which we've outlined below. Other profiles are avasilable on request. 

Weathertex Selflok Millwood Ruff Sawn 300mm

Selflok Millwood Ruff-Sawn board is characterised by un-uniformed vertical and horizontal shallow lines. The 300mm board contains two 25mm pattern indentations. This profile can be applied to curved walls down to a minimum 2.5m radius.

Weathertex Weathergroove Natural 150mm

Weathergroove Natural 150mm consists of vertically grooved panels. Its universal edge allows you to flip and reuse offcuts making it the eco-friendly and sustainable choice. This profile can be applied to curved walls down to a minimum 7m radius. 

Weathertex Weathergroove Smooth 150mm

Weathergroove Smooth 150mm Architectural panel provides a smooth flat surface

Finish. This profile can be applied to curved walls down to a minimum 7m radius. 

Weathertex Primelok Smooth 200mm

The Primelok Smooth 200mm board provides a smooth, flat finish. The boards overlap by 25mm, slightly reducing the coverage per board and concealing the fixings. 



Exterior cladding NZ


Looking for inspiration? Explore our projects gallery to see these cladding profiles on our completed houses. 

Or, if you want to know which cladding is right for you, speak to the team at Manor Build to discuss your options. Alternatively, download our full range brochure to discover our full range of prefabricated homes. 


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