Oct 11 2022

Can I subdivide and build on my section?

The prospect of subdividing your section and building a new home on it can be a great way to maximise its value or change your living situation. It’s a huge undertaking though, so we’ve compiled eight important points to help you decide if it’s the[…]

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Mar 16 2022

Building a granny flat on your section

Thinking of Adding a Small House to Your Property? Granny flats, also known as second dwellings or minor dwellings, are self-contained units built on the same property as a main house. They're becoming popular in New Zealand for several reasons.

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Jan 23 2020

Modular / Prefab Homes (AKA Granny Flats) Built in Eight Weeks.

Two perfect storms are breaking in the housing market, one is an aging population and the other is a growing shortage of quality warm and healthy housing. As a result more and more people are contacting us to see if we can provide a second dwelling[…]

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