May 23 2022

The benefits of good farm accommodation

Providing accommodation for your key employees has several well-known benefits. With the right farm housing, you’ll attract the best possible workers, receive certain tax benefits, and increase your farm’s value. On the downside, there are a few[…]

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Apr 11 2022

Is it cheaper to build a new house?

With the volatility of the current housing market, is your money better spent building or buying your next property? There are a lot of factors to consider when tossing up between building a new house and buying a pre-existing one. From costs to[…]

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Mar 16 2022

Building a granny flat on your section

A granny flat is a self-contained living unit, usually located on the same property as a larger house. They are also commonly known as a second dwelling, minor dwelling, or sleepout. In New Zealand, they are becoming a popular addition to sections[…]

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Jan 20 2022

Transportable homes: Understanding the basics

Transportable homes have been around for many years. And while confusion remains about their exact definition, their growing popularity in New Zealand shows that many people are jumping at the chance to embrace this innovative building method.[…]

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Dec 14 2021

A look back at some of our favourite prefab home builds for 2021

We have taken the opportunity as 2021 draws to a close to look back on some of the homes that we have built this year. What felt like a challenging year in some aspects, especially for the building industry, has been met with many memorable moments[…]

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Nov 22 2021

The future of Manor Build

New Zealand’s heated housing market has been as much of a topic in 2021 as the current pandemic. After a year of widespread price growth and the average house sale price increasing significantly throughout the country, people are finding themselves[…]

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Oct 14 2021

What is included in our prefab home prices?

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of building a new home can be the unexpected costs that creep in during the building process. This can be more common for traditional builds as builders may have underestimated the cost of materials needed, or[…]

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Sep 09 2021

Does a Manor Build home meet the Healthy Homes standards?

Whether you're looking to buy a Manor Build home for yourself, or as an investment property, it’s important you consider whether it meets the best guidance for liveability. On average, New Zealanders spend 69.7% of each day at home indoors. As this[…]

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Aug 19 2021

How is a Manor Build home built differently?

Manor Build is not your average New Zealand building company. Everything we do sets us apart from the rest when it comes to our home designs and completed new builds. Our unique building methods and systems dramatically reduce build times and offer[…]

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Jul 15 2021

What is a positive pressure home ventilation system?

Living in a warm, dry and safe home is vital for our day to day health and wellness. As New Zealander’s we spend on average 69.7% of each day at home indoors. That is roughly 16 hours a day, and slightly more if you work from home, are retired or[…]

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