Understanding our process

Building a prefabricated home takes practice, experience, imagination and determination.

From the initial design to choosing options and adding a personal touch, all the way through to careful construction and specialist transport, it takes great attention to detail to ensure something so complex comes together seamlessly. It might not be rocket science, but it's not that far off!

Because this is such a big undertaking it takes a team effort to make the process as easy as possible. From you teaming up with our home consultants to outline your perfect home to our internal team working hand in glove to get the job done, your house ends up being home to dozens of people's hard work.

Understand more about our unique process below.

Manor Build is not your average New Zealand building company. In fact, everything we do sets us apart from the rest when it comes to home design and new builds.

Begin your journey

Building a new home is a large undertaking and it's important that you choose the right house-building partner for you. Early conversations cost nothing so why not reach out to our home consultants to discuss your dream home. We're an experienced team that will let you know if there are additional considerations to factor in, or whether your ideas are easier to achieve than you might think!

If you're not quite ready to chat to a sales professional just yet then why not download our free online brochure to start understanding our range and get an idea on pricing from one of our plans. You can then customise the design to suit your needs and we can give you more accurate pricing as you go. 


Download our prefab home brochure