Jul 15 2020

The benefits of investing in a farm home

When faced with the need for more housing space on your farm, the last thing you want to think about is the stress and pressure of how this will work. Combine this with the daily operations of running a farm and the idea of building a new farm home[…]

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Jun 22 2020

What is a transportable home?

You may have seen them being transported around New Zealand on the back of a lorry or seen pictures of someone literally moving house. It's quite an interesting concept that isn't seen all over the world at quite the same level as New Zealand. The[…]

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May 25 2020

House & Land Packages in Taranaki

House and land packages are an increasingly popular way for people to build their dream home or an investment property without the hassle that comes from acquiring land and building on it separately. When the perfect house isn't on the market or you[…]

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Apr 06 2020

Building a new home vs buying an existing home

With interest rates hitting their lowest in history, and mortgage rates following suit many people are looking at property as a relatively safe place to store their investments and grow their financial independence in the coming years. From a main[…]

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Mar 20 2020

Choosing the perfect prefab home

Prefab homes are becoming more and more popular. From those looking to downsize into something more manageable, to people looking for additional income by adding another dwelling onto their section, prefab is the solution which delivers a brand new[…]

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Jan 31 2020

Looking for affordable housing in Auckland? Consider portable homes

Shelter is one of our most basic needs, but how we choose to satisfy that need varies immensely from person to person. Everyone has different tastes and nuanced preferences that determine what they need from the homes in which we live. The same goes[…]

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Jan 30 2020

Want an affordable granny flat in the Bay of Plenty?

  Is your home feeling cramped these days? Do you have a family member planning to move in with you? The need for the addition of a granny flat isn’t an uncommon one for many families today.   Finding the space to make that a possibility can be[…]

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Jan 29 2020

Portable homes are an affordable housing option for your Manawatu home

Ever since New Zealand homes were hit by the “leaky building” crisis, New Zealand building standards have improved. The Building Act of 2004 now makes builders submit to regular inspections after getting licenses. When you are purchasing a house,[…]

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Jan 28 2020

Want Affordable Housing in Taranaki? Try a portable home

  Having a place of your own to enjoy is a key part of maintaining a high quality of life, but sometimes it can be difficult to find an affordable place to live that really feels like home. Taking an economical approach to home ownership shouldn’t[…]

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Jan 27 2020

Purchase a portable home in Taupo as an affordable housing option

  There’s a lot to do in Taupo, which means that residents spend a lot of time outside. Everyone needs a place to come home to at the end of the day, and citizens of Taupo are no exception. Property values in Taupo have been rising steadily for a[…]

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