Apr 23 2024

Customisation Options for Modular and Transportable Homes


Manor Build offers customisable house plans and options for modular and transportable homes. Building a new house has never been easier. 


We have a variety of home designs and floor plans in our house collection. These options cater to different needs. We offer small two or three-bedroom homes with practical features. We also have larger four-bedroom layouts that are ideal for families with children. 


You can make your new home unique by modifying the floor plan, adding personal touches, and selecting from custom options during the design phase.

Most clients choose a standard plan to start with, and then make modifications from there, however it is possible for us to design a custom home from scratch as long as it is possible to build it using our specialised factory construction system.


In this blog we cover the different areas of your new build you get to customise and make some exciting decisions based on your wants and needs for your new ‘happy place’.

What your new home comes with

Manor Build homes come with a comprehensive set of standard inclusions, all included with quality and comfort. These include: 

  • high levels of thermal insulation, 

  • Ventilation system and heat pump

  • modern thermally broken double glazed windows and doors, 

  • quality flooring, 

  • durable roofing and long run guttering to match, 

  • Bosch oven and cooktop


Interiors are designed with attention to detail, featuring painted walls, ceilings, and skirtings, alongside practical kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. 


Electrical fittings, efficient plumbing systems, and essential appliances are also included, all ready for connection to mains services. You can see a detailed list of standard inclusions on our website.


Our houses range in size from 58m2 to over 140m2. This includes the customisation of house plans including the option of having 2-4 bedrooms or even a home office.


What do you get to modify?

Plan Sizes

The floor layout can be modified extensively within the size constraints that are possible to freight to your site. We can advise efficient dimensions which reduce waste and improve affordability. Up to 21 metres long and 8 metres wide is possible to freight depending on the specific site access.

Internal Floor Layout

Because of the truss roof design, the internal walls are not load bearing, which means that the internal layout can be revised however you like. Add a scullery, a media room, extra storage, larger laundry? No problem!


Carefully consider 

  • Location and size of internal/external doors

  • Wardrobe capacity

  • Storage for linen and broom/vacuum

  • Appropriate location of TV and seating required to comfortably view it.

  • Relationship between bedrooms/bathrooms, and the living areas. Try not to have direct line of sight.

  • Future needs as the family grows, or shrinks.

Windows and doors

You’ll want to make sure that the windows and doors are positioned and configured correctly to catch the sun, the views and facilitate indoor/outdoor flow. These elements can be modified considerably to suit your preferences including colour, glazing, tints, sizes and positions. Don’t forget the pet door if needed!

Roof style

The style of the roof is arguably the feature that has the biggest impact on the overall look of the house from the outside. This article shows the various options that we offer. You can Choose from Hip, Straight Gable, Mono Pitch, Dutch Gable and various other styles depending on whether you want a modern, country, or classic look.


Generally we offer Weathertex cladding as the first option on all our homes because of its durability (25 year warranty), price and ease of construction. There are a lot of different profiles to choose from within the Weathertex range including vertical grooved panels which creating a modern look, and traditional weatherboard style for a classic look. Other materials are also possible and will be priced on request. You are limited to lightweight cladding options which means you can’t have brick or stone.

Paint Colours

The paint we use inside and outside your home is up to you, simply choose your aesthetic and we do the rest. Paint colours play a pivotal role in achieving the desired feel in your home.


For a neutral warm palette, consider using some of Resene colours could help you achieve that peaceful feeling when walking in the door at the end of a busy day. Here is some more inspiration from our Manor Build clients.


Exterior paint will last longer in harsh environments if chosen from lighter shades.


To make it even easier to choose Manor have 5 curated mood boards which have been put together by an interior designer. These groups of finishes will give you confidence that the result will look stunning. 


Entri Design - Huatoki Street -0N0A4839-1

Electrical and Lighting

There’s a lot of scope to customise the electrical plan, including choosing locations of powerpoints, TVs, Wifi, and lighting (inside and out). Things to also consider are the ventilation and heating and cooling which is installed.

Powerpoint placements 

Deciding where to install powerpoints in your new home is crucial for convenience and functionality. It’s surprising how many you need and you don’t want to make this decision on the spot. 


Here are some quick tips:


Lounge: Consider multiple powerpoints behind the TV unit for various devices and at least one beside the couch for charging phones or powering lamps. Also, think about powerpoints in the corners of the room for lamps to add that nice evening glow, and for more practical things like the vacuum cleaner.


Kitchen: Ensure there's a powerpoint for each major appliance (fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc.) and additional ones on the splashback for small appliances like toasters and kettles. Make these double powerpoints too to save you time swapping out plugs when you urgently need to make your morning cup of coffee. Pendant lighting above the bench, or LED lighting can really improve 


Bedrooms: Plan for at least one double powerpoint on each side of a bed (if it’s double/queen/king) and additional points for TVs or other electronics like clocks and lamps. Consider all possible furniture layouts in the rooms to ensure usability regardless of how the room is arranged. 


Bathrooms: Install powerpoints beside the vanity for hair tools and electric toothbrushes. Some of our homeowners like theirs inside the vanity to keep the space tidy and safe from water.


Outside Space: This can be overlooked until you move in and realise you can’t see outside when it’s dark. Soffit lighting or outside wall lights are included beside each of the doors but you may want to add extra. Include powerpoints in the deck or patio area for entertainment devices, at the front and back of the house for tools, and consider your garage and gate needs.

Plumbing and Bathrooms

Quality bathware and tapware is included as standard, however this is also an area that you can have some fun designing your own way. Change out the acrylic shower for a tiled or vinyl model. Upgrade vanities, and even go for gold or brass tapware.


Key things to consider include 

  • Tapware must be approved for use in NZ, and it’s recommended that only quality products are selected. You don’t want a failure in the future and the resulting damage that could result from a flood.

  • Flow rates and environmental considerations. Look for Wels 4 star and above and you’ll save into the future due to the efficiencies.

  • A shower is possibly one of the hardest working components in a home. Again make sure only quality choices are made. We offer a proven quality acrylic shower in our standard pricing, and can upgrade to tiled if you love the enduring style that this brings. If tiling a shower ensure that epoxy grout is specified in the shower area for durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Towel rails, mirrors, storage, and extraction.


You have the choice of sticking with the standard kitchen layout that has been designed for each floor plan, and then choosing from a standard range of cabinetry and benchtop finishes to suit your interior design. Otherwise you can choose to start from scratch with a custom design, including options of thermoformed doors/drawers, stone benchtops, custom hardware and all the rest. 


Things to consider: 

  • Food prep, cooking and washing areas all need to be well positioned and easy to use

  • How many people need to be seated for meals, especially if this is going to be done at the kitchen bench which is very common now.

  • Size of appliances such and fridges, ovens etc.

  • Are you wanting to cook with gas, electric, induction…?

  • Splashback

  • Overall style you’d like to achieve. 


Some kitchens include a scullery which is ideal for hiding the mess when unexpected guests come round. 


You have the choice of fixtures including tapware, cabinetry, accessories and ensure doors and drawers that will work the best for your storage needs. 

Small Kitchen

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

When choosing the flooring for your new home there are some key things to keep in mind.


Our standard option for hard flooring in both bathrooms and kitchens is the Strata Premium Hush flooring from Woodland Lifestyle. This is a premium composite flooring which is 100% waterproof, has a stunning 35-year warranty in residential applications, and has 9 attractive colours to choose from.


All the below options are that are also possible to include in a transportable home.


Engineered Wood Flooring: Comprises a thin layer of hardwood atop a base of high-quality plywood, offering the look of real wood with added stability against moisture.


Laminate Flooring: A cost-effective alternative to wood, laminate is durable and mimics the look of hardwood or stone with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.


Vinyl Flooring: Waterproof and resilient, vinyl flooring comes in sheets, tiles, or planks. It's ideal for high-moisture areas and offers a wide range of styles and patterns.


Ceramic or Porcelain Tile: Durable and water-resistant, tiles are suitable for various areas in the home. They come in a vast range of colours, patterns, and sizes.


Carpet: Provides warmth and comfort underfoot, ideal for bedrooms and living areas. Carpets come in various materials, colours, and pile heights to choose from. Whilst our standard is a cut pile nylon offering on an 11mm underlay, a lot of our clients upgrade to plusher varieties including wool carpets.


Your choice will depend on your lifestyle, budget, and the aesthetic you wish to achieve in your new home.


Why choose Manor Build for your new home?

We create and deliver transportable homes to the lower North Island from our factory in New Plymouth, specialising in homes with two to four bedrooms ranging from 60m2 to 140m2. 


Through our innovative construction methods, we are able to reduce build times, lower costs

and create a safe working environment for our employees.


We believe that our unique process provides you with the easiest and fastest way to own a

comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly home. This includes giving you some well thought through options.


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