Apr 02 2024

Transportable Home In Stock - 3 Bedroom Home Available Now! Feb 2024

Are you needing a house in a hurry? This brand new 3 bedroom country style home could be the perfect solution for you! Fully complete and ready to be delivered to your place soon for ONLY: $252,000 (incl GST) which is a $13,000 saving from standard[…]

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May 23 2022

The benefits of good farm accommodation

Providing accommodation for your key employees has several well-known benefits. With the right farm housing, you’ll attract the best possible workers, receive certain tax benefits, and increase your farm’s value. On the downside, there are a few[…]

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Jul 15 2020

The benefits of investing in a farm home

When faced with the need for more housing space on your farm, the last thing you want to think about is the stress and pressure of how this will work. Combine this with the daily operations of running a farm and the idea of building a new farm home[…]

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