May 16 2024

Affordable Living Redefined - Exploring Affordable and Cheap Transportable Homes in NZ

In an era where traditional homeownership is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many, the appeal of cost-effective alternatives is on the rise. New Zealanders are turning towards innovative housing solutions that don't compromise on quality or[…]

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May 03 2024

Cost-Saving Strategies for Your New Home: Maximising Value with Modular and Transportable Homes

In New Zealand, the dream of homeownership can feel just out of reach for many due to soaring property prices and construction costs. However, the growing popularity of affordable prefab homes and modular solutions is changing the landscape,[…]

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Apr 23 2024

Customisation Options for Modular and Transportable Homes

Manor Build offers customisable house plans and options for modular and transportable homes. Building a new house has never been easier. We have a variety of home designs and floor plans in our house collection. These options cater to different[…]

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Apr 17 2024

Your First Home: A Buyer's Guide to Prefab, Modular and Transportable Homes

Embarking on the journey to homeownership can be exhilarating, yet daunting, especially for first-time buyers. With the rise of prefab, modular, and transportable homes as affordable, efficient, and sustainable alternatives to traditional[…]

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Apr 11 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Transportable Homes in NZ

In the ever-evolving landscape of New Zealand's housing market, transportable homes are emerging as a compelling solution for many Kiwi’s. Offering flexibility, affordability, and sustainability, these prefabricated structures have garnered[…]

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Apr 02 2024

Transportable Home In Stock - 3 Bedroom Home Available Now! Feb 2024

Are you needing a house in a hurry? This brand new 3 bedroom country style home could be the perfect solution for you! Fully complete and ready to be delivered to your place soon for ONLY: $252,000 (incl GST) which is a $13,000 saving from standard[…]

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Feb 10 2024

Why You Need a Geotech Report early for Your New Home Build

At Manor Build, we want to ensure that your new home building process is as smooth as possible. That's why we emphasize the importance of obtaining a geotech report as early as possible. These reports provide valuable insights into the ground[…]

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Jan 30 2024

The Total Cost of a Transportable Home in NZ: All You Need to Know

Introduction: Building a home is an exciting journey, and in New Zealand, transportable prefab homes have gained popularity due to their flexibility, speed, and affordability. While the idea of a transportable prefab home may seem straightforward,[…]

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Jan 26 2024

The 4 most popular transportable homes design options in 2023

We have explored the most popular design options that our clients were interested in for 2023. While there were many options to choose from, only a few stood out as the top choices.

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Jan 23 2024

Why a Transportable Home May Not Be the Best Option: 5 Considerations to Keep in Mind

Introduction: While transportable homes have gained popularity in recent years, it's important to understand that they may not always be the optimal choice for everyone. In this blog post, we will explore five key considerations that may make a[…]

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