Jan 23 2020

Modular / Prefab Homes (AKA Granny Flats) Built in Six to Eight Weeks

  If disaster strikes and your home suffers irreparable damage, you’ve got plenty of worries. However, you do not need to keep worrying when you look at the modular homes built for Manawatu by Manor Build because they are durable, portable, and[…]

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Jan 22 2020

Modular Homes, Prefab Homes, & Granny Flats Available Taranaki wide

  Taranaki is a place of astounding natural beauty, encompassing one of the world’s most incredible natural features. Even beyond Mount Taranaki itself, the region is home to a gorgeous and highly varied landscape. While this presents endless[…]

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Jan 21 2020

Find a Home for Less Granny Flats, Modular, and Prefab Homes in Taupo

  Picture in your mind two houses. They are both made with the same types of materials. They appear to be the same. They provide all the same amenities such as the same number of bathrooms, the same amount of floor space, and the same sized[…]

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Jan 20 2020

Lovable granny flats in Waikato: Home is where the heart is

  Have you ever wished that you could simplify your life? In recent years, many people at all stages of life have made the decision to simplify their living situation by choosing the efficiency and affordability of a modular or transportable home.[…]

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Jan 19 2020

3 Advantages to owning transportable & relocatable homes in Auckland

  The process of finding a new place to live can feel long, involved, and often frustrating. That’s true whether you want to downsize or find more space for a growing family. The prospect of new construction can be an enticing one, but these are[…]

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Jan 18 2020

Why choose Transportable homes as your Bay of Plenty House?

  Between 1994 and 2004, many homeowners were the victims of the “leaky building” crisis. The phenomenon was as bad as its name sounds with many homes being afflicted and destroyed by careless construction. Leaks, mould, and even condemnable damage[…]

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Jan 17 2020

Considering a Relocatable Home? Find Transportable Homes in Manawatu

  Luxury and convenience are both highly important features of any building, but you might be surprised how rarely they seem to go together when it comes to homes. Many houses on the market these days seem to be either practical or elegant, but[…]

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Jan 16 2020

Find Transportable and Relocatable Homes in Taranaki

  Home ownership is an important part of economic stability, but a lot of people in Taranaki don’t necessarily feel ready to settle down just yet. After all, Taranaki is a place of adventure and excitement. It inspires people to get up and go, not[…]

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Jan 15 2020

Transportable & Relocatable Homes in Taupo Are an Eco-Friendly Choice

  When we think eco-friendly, we often think of reusing something that is old and possibly worn out. Buying used clothes at a thrift store, reusing glass jars for water bottles, and reconditioning old laptops can all be helpful ways to minimise your[…]

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Jan 14 2020

No need to relocate with luxurious relocatable homes in Waikato

  If you’re in the market for a new home, you might be surprised to learn that you might not have to go very far to find your dream home. While many people overlook relocatable and transportable homes in Waikato when they’re in the market for a new[…]

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