Nov 22 2023

Why prefabs are ideal for office buildings


transportable prefab office buildings

Are you looking for a new office space with brand-new facilities? Finding your ideal office building is a challenge but building one can also bring its own difficulties. Not only do you need a cost-effective and customisable building design, but you also need to minimise the disruption to your day-to-day operations. 

Fortunately, prefab construction brings the solution you need. 

In this article, we discuss the benefits of building a transportable prefabricated office building. If you are interested in expanding your existing premises, upgrading facilities, or starting from scratch, our range of transportable offices is just what you’re looking for. 


What is a prefabricated office?


A prefab building is built off-site in a controlled factory environment, ensuring quality control and allowing for faster completion times. When the structure, exterior, and internal fit-out are complete, the building is loaded onto a truck and transported to the desired location. The team will then fix the building to the foundation and complete the finishing touches. 

The prefab building process

Unlike conventional construction, most of a prefab project is done off-site. At Manor Build, our project timelines are as follows:

  1. Consultations and initial designs

  2. Construction drawings

  3. Specifications

  4. Factory construction

  5. Internal fit-out

  6. Delivery to site

  7. Touch-ups and site work

The benefits of this type of construction are plenty, but the reduced on-site disruption and health and safety needs make them particularly appealing.

Why we designed a prefab office range  

Increasingly, New Zealand businesses are looking for affordable, comfortable, and reliable office buildings. The problem is, projects like this are notorious for causing huge disruptions and budget blowouts. 

Challenges with building an office include

  • Organising contractors around employees.

  • Planning operations around the project dates.

  • Minimising construction noise and mess.

  • Managing construction-related health and safety risks.


Fortunately, our prefab construction method removes these challenges and streamlines the entire process. That’s why we designed a range of prefab office buildings and layouts, specifically designed for businesses just like yours. 

These layouts encourage collaboration while also allowing your team to focus and work efficiently. If you want to improve comfort, productivity, and morale in your workplace, upgrade the office with one of our brand-new prefabs. 

Benefits of prefab offices

So what are the advantages of building an office this way? While building sites are known for being noisy, messy, full of people, and prone to delays, prefabrication removes all of that.

Fewer disruptions to your business

Since the majority of the work is done off-site, your business can still function throughout the entire project. To minimise your operational downtime, we can complete delivery and site work in just a few weeks. 

Reduced personnel on site

Prefabrication manages the majority of the build offsite meaning only a few team members are required for delivery, connection, and touch-ups. This means fewer additional personnel to manage and increased site security.

Fast construction times

Off-site prefabrication allows for most of the site preparation to be completed at the same time as factory construction. When the modules are transported to the site, the only remaining work is fixing it to the foundation, connecting site services, and adding any final touches. 

Ready on time and budget

Prefab construction is far more predictable than on-site building projects. This means no budget blowouts or delays are extending the project deadline, which is critical for keeping your operations on track. 

Custom designs and layouts

We have a new range of office layouts that you can build off-the-shelf or customise to your needs. Simply reach out to our team to find out more about your options.

Affordable offices

Since our builders are working in our factory for most of your project, the total costs for your project can be far lower, depending on your location. There are also no hidden costs to budget for because everything is planned out from the beginning of the project. 

Low maintenance and durable

Prefab buildings are designed to be relocated on a truck so they are durable and long-lasting. Once the building is fixed to the foundation, it will last as long, or even longer, than a conventional structure. This reduces the amount of time and work required to maintain your office over the years. 



Prefabricated offices NZ


At Manor Build, our team is ready to help you build the perfect office building. You can choose from our range of pre-designed layouts, customise them, or design a bespoke office suited to your unique business needs. Unlike our prefab house designs, these offices are complete with everything you need to run a successful business: 

  • Co-working desk areas

  • Private offices

  • Meeting rooms

  • Focus rooms

  • Kitchens and dining spaces

  • Bathrooms

  • Storage

  • Reception areas

With our range of pre-designed office layouts, you can skip all the complications of planning and fast-track your building project. Simply choose your ideal design and contact us to get started. 

Flow 86 Office Plan

This contemporary office building is 88m2, with space for open-plan desks, an executive office, a meeting room, a reception, a kitchen, and bathroom facilities. 

Flow 103 Office Plan

This classic office building is 105m2, with space for open-plan desks, an executive office, a meeting room, a focus room, a reception, a kitchen, and bathroom facilities. 

Flow 121 Office Plan

This modern office building is 125m2, with plenty of space for open-plan desks, an executive office, a meeting room, a reception, a kitchen, and bathroom facilities. 

If none of the above designs meet your company’s needs, ask our team about your options to customise them or create a bespoke design. We can create a layout with all your requirements, helping to support your business both now and in the future.

If you’re interested in our transportable office buildings, visit our website and fill out the form to enquire about your options. We can advise you on design options and guide you through the entire process.

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