Jan 23 2020

Modular / Prefab Homes (AKA Granny Flats) Built in Six to Eight Weeks


If disaster strikes and your home suffers irreparable damage, you’ve got plenty of worries. However, you do not need to keep worrying when you look at the modular homes built for Manawatu by Manor Build because they are durable, portable, and built quickly. You can have the home of your dreams brought where you want it and quickly. We want to get you back into a home that makes you smile as quickly as we can.


In response to the housing disaster known as the “leaky building act” of New Zealand, which ruined the homes and lives of many private homeowners, Manor Build was born. Our company serves portable homes fast, prefabricating them at our yard before lifting them to the final destination. We construct our prefab homes for Manawatu with the strongest eco-friendly materials so that your home will last against any weather.


Why Look at Granny Flats for a Manawatu Home?


If you are in a hurry to get into the home of your dreams, you should work with Manor Build. We will build your customised home quickly at our fully supervised yard. We will be happy to keep you in the loop along the entire manufacturing process. That way, you do not have to worry about the state of your investment, or wonder how long it will be before you can move in.


Prefab homes and Manawatu make a perfect fit. For one thing, there is plenty of space to put a beautiful home and build a gorgeous landscape around it. You can take a portable home all the way out there without settling for a small, weak, and ugly home. Manor Build puts together “granny flats” for Manawatu homes that are charming, high-quality, and quickly built.


Finally, modular homes work well in Manawatu because of their durability against the harsh weather conditions. We build all our customised homes using fully licensed constructors, supervised by our qualified staff. We use top-of-the-line components to assemble your prefab home for Manawatu so that it is strong enough to withstand the ride to its final destination. Even when exposed to the elements, your house will stand strong.


Prefab Homes for Manawatu are Strong and Leak-Proof


When you think of granny flats for your Manawatu home destination, you may not see the same thing that we do. That is because we bring modular and prefab homes to a new and innovative level. We wanted to provide a solution to the homeowners who needed new, affordable housing that will not fail with the weather, so we built them.


We build our homes with many years of experience preceding them. We can bring new granny flats all the way to Manawatu without worry because of how strong they are. They will be lifted all the way there with care, but the structure is so sound that there is no possibility of collapse. Building your new house with Manor Build is reliable and fair, making them the best choice for you.

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