May 29 2017

Questions to Ask Your Builder

There are lots of big events in life that many people only do once. Building a house is one of those things. Deciding to take this on is a big decision. It means that you’re wading into a process that you don’t know a lot about and can’t reference[…]

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May 27 2017

Client Interview: The Manor Build Team Made All the Difference

Today we speak to Manor Build Clients, Marty and Margaret Prestney. They are part-way through their build and have been finding the process to be easy to manage, especially with the support of the Manor Build team. Read on to find out more about[…]

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May 22 2017

Managing Your Own Build Project – Is It Worth It?

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May 15 2017

Home Building Trends for 2017

What do you want your new home to look like? Are you someone who doesn’t stray from the classics? Or maybe you like keeping up with the latest trends? There is no shortage of options and opinions when it comes to decorating your house but ultimately[…]

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May 08 2017

6 Key Benefits of Owning a Transportable Home

Innovations are happening throughout all industries. So it’s great to see something as traditional as building finding new ways to be more efficient and environmentally-friendly. An area of the building industry that’s doing this well is the[…]

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May 01 2017

What Tenants Want in a Rental Home

Investing in property is often viewed as a great way to gain returns on your dollar. If you are thinking about buying a rental property, you want it to work hard for you. This means having consistent and reliable tenants so positioning your property[…]

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