Sep 09 2021

Does a Manor Build home meet the Healthy Homes standards?

Whether you're looking to buy a Manor Build home for yourself, or as an investment property, it’s important you consider whether it meets the best guidance for liveability. On average, New Zealanders spend 69.7% of each day at home indoors. As this[…]

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Aug 19 2021

How is a Manor Build home built differently?

Manor Build is not your average New Zealand building company. Everything we do sets us apart from the rest when it comes to our home designs and completed new builds. Our unique building methods and systems dramatically reduce build times and offer[…]

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Jul 15 2021

What is a positive pressure home ventilation system?

Living in a warm, dry and safe home is vital for our day to day health and wellness. As New Zealander’s we spend on average 69.7% of each day at home indoors. That is roughly 16 hours a day, and slightly more if you work from home, are retired or[…]

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Jun 17 2021

Different types of roof style options explained

A roof is one of the most important and practical features of a home. It not only protects the house and its occupants from the elements, but its style can help play a significant role in the overall look and appeal of a home, both internally and[…]

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May 24 2021

Financing your prefabricated home

Building any new home can be a daunting task. Even the most seasoned home builder knows that there can be a bunch of challenges each and every time. No two builds are ever the same, which is why many new home builders are looking at new ways to[…]

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Feb 10 2021

Should I downsize my property?

Downsizing a property can seem scary at first but it has a multitude of benefits. While many people spend their entire lives trying to work their way up the property ladder, buying bigger and bigger houses, some seek a more manageable lifestyle. 

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Jan 22 2021

Why a prefab home is ideal for property investors

Becoming a property investor, or growing a property portfolio, is harder than ever. New Zealand’s housing shortage, lending restrictions on investors, and public perception towards investors have led to a perfect storm of challenges for the modern[…]

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Nov 26 2020

How customisable is a Manor Build home?

Building a home can be a very personal experience. Over the years you may have created a list of features you’d ideally want in your next home, or you may simply want to express your individuality in your house design. And while not everyone can[…]

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Nov 12 2020

What you need to know about buying a section

Across New Zealand housing is in short supply. Back in July of 2020 the housing stock, or the number of available houses, was down 11% against 2019. This low supply is having a big impact on those looking to buy with prices heading upwards on an[…]

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Sep 11 2020

Traditional new-build vs prefabricated homes, what’s the difference?

When comparing a traditional on-site build with a prefabricated home, you’ll often notice that prefab homes are cheaper and can be built quicker. Seems too good to be true right? So what’s the catch?

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