Jul 13 2022

Frequently Asked Prefab Home Questions


Frequently asked prefabricated home questions

Building a house can be a new adventure for many people, and one where lots of questions arise. If you’re new to the prefabricated homes building method then you’ll likely have a few questions about the process, and how it differs from the standard methods of building a home. In our many years in the industry, we’ve had a lot of people ask the same questions about the prefab process for building a house.


While our FAQ page is a great place to find answers to some of these questions, we thought we’d compile all the answers to our most asked questions, including everything you need to know to build a house with us.



Where do Manor Build deliver to?

While our factory is based in Taranaki, our new homes can be delivered to the mid and lower North Island, and in some cases beyond. Our prefab homes are carefully designed to be transported so they can handle long travel times and difficult New Zealand roads. 


We have a strong relationship with Central House Movers who take all our new homes from the Manor Build factory through to their final destination. They are arguably the top house movers in New Zealand and we are proud to work with them consistently. 


Because of this ongoing relationship, both our team and theirs know exactly what goes into relocating a Manor Build house and how to do it successfully. This includes planning the delivery to be as close to the build completion as possible so you won’t have a long wait time. 


The cost of transportation is quoted individually depending on route accessibility, house size, site access and difficulty. To confirm a house delivery for your location, Contact Us and find out what can be arranged.



Can Manor Build construct prefab homes on-site?


No, our prefab houses are designed to be built in our specialised factory rather than on site. This is because we’ve found the prefab process and controlled factory environment is effective for keeping build times on schedule and eliminating stressful delays. 


Altogether, the time spent on the building site is only a matter of weeks in which we deliver, install and perform final touch-ups on the house. 


But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the build progress — we’ll keep you updated throughout the build with weekly progress photos so that you feel informed, excited and prepared for when your new home is ready. 



Is the cladding plastic?


No, we use Weathertex Cladding which is made of 97% timber and 3% wax. It comes with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee against splitting, cracks and rot, and is made with sustainable practices. 


The logs are chipped, pulped and mixed with wax for added water resistance, then pressed into moulds to produce chemical-free timber panels. You can opt for horizontal or vertical weatherboards to suit your house design and the result is precise, consistent and attractive. 


The Selflok and Primelok weatherboards are designed with a simple self-locking system to ensure each board is perfectly aligned. They also boast consistent routing to give the exterior of your house a stylish ship-lapped effect. This product is tried and tested and has proven to be a high-quality option for our prefab houses.



Can I complete the internal finishes myself?


Unfortunately not. The prefab process means we have everything completed before delivering your house, so there are only a small number of touch-ups to do after the delivery. 


This is how we ensure each house is completed to a consistently high standard within the given timeframe. It also means each build comes with compliance already achieved and warranties in place so owners can move in with minimal stress. 


Paint, flooring and a thorough clean are standard inclusions for every Manor Build house because we take pride in keeping the build process as pain-free as possible for our clients. This means you can check our progress whenever you like, safe in the knowledge everything is taken care of without you having to lift a finger. 


The prefab build process cuts down on time, delays and unforeseen issues so that you can move into your completed home sooner. It also means you can have affordable housing without having to sacrifice quality. 



Does the price include service connections?


No, we don’t include service connections in our house packages because it helps to keep our prices down. We’ve found it’s better for clients to find the most affordable service connection for their site, rather than having a fixed provider forced upon them. 


In many cases, depending on location and timing, service connection costs can be significant, which is why we like to give our clients the freedom of choice. In saying that, we do have valuable industry connections we can recommend and will be happy to share our experience and insights with you. 


All of our houses are built with complete electrical wiring, plumbing and fittings so the only thing to do onsite is connect them to the grid.  




What happens if your home is damaged during delivery? 


One of the considerations of a prefab home is the possibility of incurring damage in transit. While we can’t promise it won’t happen, we can assure you it won’t be a lasting problem. 


We dedicate 2–3 weeks to rectifying any transit-related issues after each house has been installed. This includes adjusting doors, repairing stress cracks in the internal plasterboard lining, or anything else that might have been damaged during transport. 


This process takes place after the house is connected to the grid so we can ensure everything is in working order. After this, you can move into your new home confident it will meet all your expectations.



How long until I get my house?


For most building companies, the answer to this question varies a lot and can greatly affect the cost, but for us, it’s quite consistent. From the moment you sign up through to the final sign-off, the process takes between 24 and 30 weeks


That includes design, council consent, our factory waitlist, construction, delivery and final touch-ups. Of course, in terms of consent and delivery, external factors can influence the timing but overall, our prefab process is predictable and reliable. 


Process stage


Sign-up and final design phase

2 weeks

Council approval

6 weeks

Production waitlist

4–10 weeks


8 weeks

Delivery and foundations

1 week

Final touch-ups and connections

2–3 weeks

Total - Handover keys

24–30 weeks


Where conventional on-site builds are subject to unexpected weather conditions and potentially long travel times for tradesmen, our factory allows us to continue building regardless of weather and location. This way, our builds can be completed on schedule and within an affordable budget. 


If you are interested in building a house, chances are you’re overwhelmed with your options. Fortunately, at Manor Build our team knows the building process inside out and can guide you through it with ease. 


For personalised advice, industry expertise and years of experience, contact the friendly team, today.

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