Jun 26 2017

Design & Colour Trends for 2017

A brand new home means that you can make all of the choices, right down to the colour of the walls. Does the sound of designing the colour palette feel a bit daunting though? We aren’t all colour experts so it can be!

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Jun 19 2017

Is Property a Safe Investment?

As highlighted in Auckland over the last several years, property values can climb steadily year-on-year. In this case, prices skyrocketed 85% since 2012. In fact, six other regions in New Zealand have seen double digit increases too. Considering[…]

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Jun 12 2017

6 Hazards of Living in an Older Home

People choose older houses for many reasons. Some like the character of designs from a time long ago. It might be located exactly where you want to live. Or it might be, simply, that the price is right.

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Jun 06 2017

The Myth of Square Metre Rates

Measuring the cost of a home by the cost per square metre is not a reliable, nor helpful measurement. Why is that? There are numerous variables that come into play with a new home. These mean that judging it by a square metre rate is not always an[…]

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