Jun 26 2017

Design & Colour Trends for 2017

Interior of Manor Build Home with feature wallpaperA brand new home means that you can make all of the choices, right down to the colour of the walls. Does the sound of designing the colour palette feel a bit daunting though? We aren’t all colour experts so it can be!


At Manor Build we are with you every step of the way so if you want to leave the design suggestions to us, you can. However, if you want to select the shades and hues, read this to learn about the current trends.




Starting with the front door, choosing a bright colour to welcome people to your home is on point. It’s a great way to bring a pop of colour to your exterior. And because you can replace it down the track, you don’t have to feel like it’s too big a risk to take.


Exterior paint has generally been a little more limited in choice but if you are looking for inspiration then check out this Resene gallery of homes. With the harsh sun in New Zealand, be mindful to use lighter colours which should last longer. Many paints and exterior cladding now have UV protection so be sure to double check if you’re planning on a dark colour. We have found dark exteriors work really well and have found some great products to work with.




Now, inside the house is another story. The options are as bright as you want them to be. Metallic tones are popular – from touches on pillows and artwork, to wallpapers with big doses of them. The more subdued dusky pinks, blues and greens, provide a good balance to the gold, copper and silver.


Dulux has put together a great collection of images to inspire you.


Interior of Manor Build HomeThere are lots of palettes using black and white at the moment. With black taps showing up in more kitchens and bathrooms, using white on the walls can be a good fit. This offers a lot of flexibility in accessories as well!


Choosing neutrals for your main walls and adding accents of colour with pillows and linen can be a great way to achieve some brightness without having to paint an entire wall in teal.


Wallpapers are becoming more creative and can be a great idea for a feature wall. These are reflecting the metallic tone trend as well. If you’re planning to keep your home style current, you may choose to stick with paint which is easier to update over the years.


Recently awarded by Houzz with the Best of Design in New Plymouth, Interior Designer Lian Brownson offers this advice, “There are so many neutral colours from greys to warmer brown shades and tones. Know your own neutral paint colour. If you get that right, everything else should follow.”


We think that’s great advice and at Manor Build, we look forward to designing your new home with you.