Jun 15 2022

Affordable new build houses

Affordable new build homes

If you are looking to build a house, there are a lot of considerations to make around what build process you choose. To save you time and a lot of headaches, we’ve put together a list of all the pros and cons of each type of building process.


Pros and cons of house and land packages 


Due to the intensity of the housing market in recent years, many building companies and developers have started offering an all-inclusive house and land deal to provide affordable housing. This package deal cuts out the need to organise the land before you build because it’s all covered within the same transaction. Many developers will invest in a substantial block of rural land to subdivide and build a large number of houses. 

Pros of house and land packages

  • Managed from start to finish by the developer or building company
  • Less hassle around land titles and ownership 
  • Everything is new and generally under a guarantee
  • You can choose from off the plan or customisable options

Cons of house and land packages

  • Inflexible location, sometimes away from town centres and schools  
  • Developments are restricted by size and have multiple houses squeezed in
  • Off-the-plan builds can lack character because all neighbouring homes look the same
  • On-site builds are susceptible to delays from bad weather


House and land packages are the priciest options up front, but only because the land is included. If you don’t have land to build on already, this could be a worthwhile investment.


Pros and cons of kitset houses


Kitset homes are a pre-prepared kit of all the necessary materials for a new build. But when looking at the price of this option note that the labour and consent aren’t included in the cost, so the low initial price tag will soon increase considerably. 

Pros of kitset houses

  • Materials arrive ready to build with
  • You can choose a design that suits you 
  • A lower start-up cost, generally below $150,000

Cons of kitset houses

  • Doesn’t include land costs
  • Generally won’t include the foundation, nails, screws, electrical wiring, floor coverings, driveways, landscaping or painting which can add up to be more than $150,000 on top of the initial kitset cost
  • Labour not included 
  • Project management is your responsibility
  • Often difficult to time well in terms of Council approval and receiving your kitset 
  • Requires full payment up front and doesn’t include financing options


While the initial cost of a kitset home is generally below $150,000, the added costs can amount to more than double that. A kitset can quickly be more of a money drain than it first appears. Without factoring in the land, you could be looking at a total build cost in excess of $300,000.


Pros and cons of transportable houses


Transportable homes are built off-site in a factory and delivered to the site as a completed product. Many transportable homes are permanent once they’re in place and designed to stand the test of time.

PROS of transportable houses

  • Fast and efficient
  • No unforeseen challenges with weather or deliveries
  • Safe and consistent work for builders
  • Reduces travel costs for builders
  • Built to last and built to be moved
  • Easily connected to site works like power and sewer lines
  • Ready on time and on budget
  • Consistent and reliable quality
  • Can be moved later on if desired

Cons of transportable houses

  • Doesn’t include land costs 
  • Client to arrange service connections 


Transportable homes are an affordable option. The price for a smaller 3 bedroom home will generally sit just above $250,000 while a large 4 bedroom could be around $350,000. 


Prefab homes have become increasingly popular with New Zealanders in recent years because the quality of the house is matched by speed and ease in the building process. 


For your new build house, you’ll want to find the most affordable, stress-free and efficient building process. To see how a Manor Build prefab home can deliver the new house build you’re looking for, download our brochure. There’s no reason to sacrifice quality for affordability because with a Manor Build prefab you can have both.

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