May 25 2020

House & Land Packages in Taranaki

House and land package

House and land packages are an increasingly popular way for people to build their dream home or an investment property without the hassle that comes from acquiring land and building on it separately. When the perfect house isn't on the market or you want a brand new, never lived in home then going out there and having it built could be the best option for you! 


There's a well documented housing shortage in New Zealand and whereas big developments help that doesn't assist the regions where developers won't make the best return on their investment. If more locals can build a home then you're helping to add to the availability of local housing, which is great for the development of your region.


Financially, house and land packages can be very appealing too. In most cases you pay an initial deposit with the remainder due when you take legal possession of the finished house. This means you're not paying interest on the loan until the house is finished and you settle. As the house price is usually quite fixed on a house and land package you can also plan ahead quite nicely. This can be great if you don't have the cashflow to be paying for two mortgages at the same time.


Coupling this with a prefab home, like our range of designs, can mean you're not waiting as long as a typical new build home either. Because a prefab home is built in a factory its build can be heavily controlled and can still continue even in terrible weather. By choosing a house and land package with Manor Build you have the pre-selected section ready to go and a range of prefab home designs so you can quickly have your new home on site ready for you to live in. So why should you choose a house and land package?


Everything is new

House and land packages are neat, unscuffed by normal everyday life and you can enjoy that brand new feel. There are benefits beyond the look and feel of a brand new home. Newly-built homes tend to be more energy efficient and, when you choose a reputable builder, may not need repairs for many years. In fact, the home will be covered by a builder’s warranty, meaning you’re protected if anything goes wrong.

No hidden costs

A house and land package is unlikely to leave you any nasty surprises, such as builders calling up for more money mid-construction, because of underquoting. You will know all the costs upfront and the expected time frame for the build. This is especially true when you're building a prefab home.


Because the house is being designed and built under one roof there is an incredibly low chance of weather delays and project overruns. Your timber frame is protected from the elements and the tradesmen won't be annoying your neighbours all day long either!


One-stop shop

Because you're working with one company for both the section sale and the house build that's one point of contact for both and one place to go to for questions. Manor Build can manage the sale of the section and the build of the home, while ensuring it's delivered to the site and connected to services with ease.


One of the main benefits to choosing a house and land package is the lack of stress involved. This can be especially relevant if this is your first house build, or your last where stress is something you'd rather not have!


With many prefab home builds there's work required to ensure the house can be delivered to the section. Not so in this case because we already know the section is suitable for a prefab home to be delivered to it! So why not get in touch with us today and discuss how you could have a brand new house for less than a similarly costed pre-loved home.

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