Aug 12 2020

Winter doesn't stop us building your new home

Prefab home being constructed in environmentally controlled conditions

Manor Build knows a thing or two about the temperamental New Zealand weather with a factory located in New Plymouth, Taranaki. Some areas of Taranaki are particularly wet experiencing rainfall of over 2000mm per year. When faced with the need for a new home build during the winter months often the construction times of a conventional build will rely heavily on weather conditions. The time frame you have placed on your home build can sometimes creep further and further out, and with the goalposts continuously shifting, the idea of moving into your new home in time for summer can soon become a distant memory.


Winter doesn’t put a damper on Manor Build’s building processes. So, If you’re looking for a new home to enjoy before summer, then a Manor Build home could be the ideal option. In this article we explain why the Manor Build building process isn’t affected by the winter weather, meaning your new home could be only weeks away.


No weather downtime


Conventional site-built homes can take months to complete. Combine this with delays caused by the typical winter weather in New Zealand and your site-built home can take double the amount of time than you had originally forecast. On top of this, the number of daylight hours available in winter is more limited than in summer, resulting in both the weather conditions and daylight hours causing significant delays to a conventional site-built home, impacting the hours tradies and contractors can spend on site.


With a prefabricated home completed in a fraction of the time a regular build would take, it also has the advantage of being constructed in environmentally controlled conditions. There is also the benefit of starting before the sun rises, and after it has set, by working inside a factory unaffected by weather conditions or daylight hours.

Three Bedroom Haast House Design

Manor Build uses an intelligent, systemised building process to ensure a predictable time frame is achieved without weather delays or pushed or missed timeframes, meaning you can enjoy your home sooner rather than later. Manor Build’s construction takes as little as 6-8 weeks from build commencement, so the idea of sitting on your porch in Summer with a cold beverage in hand can easily become a reality sooner than expected.




The cost of a conventional build can often include expenses from tradies and contractors travelling to and from your building site. This alone can be a large expense of a house build, so the addition of weather delays throughout winter can prove to have a significant impact on labour costs. Because of this, it’s also quite likely you’ll be facing extended time frames for the overall completion of your on-site build, not to mention tradies and sub-contractors being slowed by the cold, affecting the productivity and efficiency of their labour. Before long, you can find yourself digging deep into your pocket to pay the cost of those tradies and contractors who have travelled to your property, only to shortly turn around and leave again after being ‘rained off’.

As is typical with a conventional build, the process is linear, meaning you can’t start building until the foundation is complete. This also means that your home and budget are exposed to more risk because the construction process takes place outdoors, making the building process susceptible to unpredictable weather delays. All of these issues can ultimately have a negative effect on your budget making it difficult to avoid a budget blow-out. Expenses caused by weather delays is a cost that can easily be forgotten when factoring in the price of your conventional build.

Choosing a prefabricated home eliminates the additional costs from tradies and contractors as it is built in a controlled environment, meaning there is a clear understanding of the expenses involved. The Manor Build process means that once you have signed off on the proposed price and delivery schedule, drawings are submitted for worker drawings and detailed concepts are then submitted to your local council for consent. There is also a clear understanding of the price involved with the transportation of your home because as soon as your home is built it’s ready to be relocated to your property with delivery dates as close as possible to the finish date. There are many house plans available ranging from between $159,000 and $282,000, and the added bonus is that the price of a prefabricated home is fixed, and will not increase due to weather conditions.


Never exposed to the winter elements


It’s often quite common to drive past a building site during a wet winter day and see laid foundations, exposed framing, and wet flooring, without a tradesman in sight! With time already in favour of a prefab home during the winter months, a prefab being built in a fully enclosed factory means building materials are never exposed to the harsh winter elements. All building materials used are also stored indoors adding to the quality of the build.


Manor Build house being built inside of a factory

Compare this to a conventional build where the materials used are generally stored outside, exposed to rain, hail and shine. A conventional build doesn’t have the benefit of using a large workshop or factory to store materials in, and so all materials are exposed to the elements on-site before use, and during most of the construction process, until the home is fully sealed. Exposure to outdoor elements, especially rain and moisture, can cause increased expansion, contraction and warping of important building materials.


While a conventional build may seem appealing during summer, why not have a prefab home built during winter, away from the elements where work can continue unaffected by external weather delays. Building a prefabricated home in a climate-controlled environment can overcome the challenges of winter weather, saving you time and money during your new home construction process.

If you’re weighing up whether you should start your home build in winter then consider talking to a member of our team. You could receive the keys to your new home well in advance of summer within a predictable timeframe, and with upfront costs well communicated to avoid any budget blowouts. We have a great range of designs to choose from with the ability to customise them to suit your needs. To learn more or to get in touch click the button below.

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