Jul 03 2023

Why prefabs are ideal for holiday parks



When building accommodation, holiday park owners need solutions that offer minimal site disruption, rapid construction, and high-quality facilities. This article explains why prefabricated buildings are the ideal solution for these requirements. We will cover what a prefab home is, how prefab construction works, and all the benefits of prefab homes for New Zealand holiday parks.



Challenges of building in a holiday park


If you need new buildings and facilities in your holiday park or campground, you need an affordable, convenient, and efficient building method. To minimise the interruption to your campers, you need a new building that can accommodate guests as soon as possible to provide a return on investment and provide a high-quality stay. 


Challenges with building in a holiday park include:

  • Organising contractors around guests

  • Planning bookings around the project dates

  • Minimising construction noise and mess

  • Managing construction-related health and safety risks


In addition to the above challenges, you need to be confident that the building will stand the test of time. This way, you won’t need to worry about building again. 


What are prefabs?


Firstly, let's clarify what prefab homes are and how the construction process works. Prefabricated homes are entirely built off-site in a controlled factory environment. This off-site construction process ensures quality control and allows for faster completion times compared to traditional construction methods.


When the structure, exterior, and internal fit-out are complete, it is transported to the desired location on a truck. The installation team will fix it to the foundations and complete any finishing touches. 


Advantages of prefab accommodation for holiday parks

Fast and efficient

In a holiday park, you need to ensure any building work is completed as fast as possible, otherwise, you annoy the guests you have and can attract bad reviews. Fortunately, the off-site prefabrication process allows for site preparation to be completed simultaneously as builders focus on specialised tasks in the factory. 


Once the modules are transported to the site, the only work to be done is fixing it to the foundation, connecting site services, and refining any final touches. This translates into faster project completion, allowing you to offer upgraded accommodations to your guests much sooner than with on-site construction. 


Many of these final connections are less disruptive than heavy construction. They also only take a couple of weeks, meaning you can take new bookings faster, without disturbing existing customers.


No unforeseen challenges 

Complications with weather and deliveries are common in the construction industry, but prefab homes are unaffected because of the factory environment. Instead, builders and contractors can complete the work regardless of the weather and will usually have a stockpile of the materials they need. 


Reduced travel costs

Since all the work is done before the building is delivered, the builders won’t be travelling to the building site every day. Throughout the project, this saves you a considerable amount of money in travel costs - especially handy for our country’s more remote holiday destinations.


Built to last 

Prefabs are designed and built to be relocated on a truck, so they are strong, robust, and long-lasting. Once the building is fixed to the foundations, it will last as long, or even longer, than a conventional structure. 


Minimal site disruption

Prefabs are easy to integrate into an established holiday park with little interruption to daily operations. Since the majority of the work is done off-site, your holiday park can still function throughout the entire project. To minimise park downtime, the delivery and site works can be completed in a few weeks in the off-season. 


Ready on time and on budget

With fewer unforeseen complications, prefab construction is far more predictable, with no budget blowouts or delays extending the project deadline. This is critical for making future bookings in the holiday park, as you can be confident the project will be completed by a set date.



With low travel costs and faster construction, prefab accommodation is considerably more affordable than traditional buildings. This is especially important if you need multiple rooms or facilities at once. Additionally, there are no hidden costs to budget for, because everything is planned out from the beginning of the project. 


Customisable designs

While most prefab building companies focus on houses, it’s also possible to design an accommodation complex or communal building for your holiday park. Simply reach out to our team for advice and to find out your design options.  



Manor Build prefab accommodation


Here at Manor Build, our team is ready to help you build the perfect holiday park accommodation. You can choose from our range of predesigned houses, customise them, or design a bespoke accommodation complex suited to your unique needs. 


To see how a Manor Build prefab building can deliver the new build you’re looking for, visit our website. You don’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability because, with a Manor Build prefab, you can have both. Contact us today to find out more about your prefab accommodation options. 



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