Jan 18 2020

Why choose Transportable homes as your Bay of Plenty House?


Between 1994 and 2004, many homeowners were the victims of the “leaky building” crisis. The phenomenon was as bad as its name sounds with many homes being afflicted and destroyed by careless construction. Leaks, mould, and even condemnable damage caused trouble in the lives of many private homeowners. Since then, people have worried about the investment that they might put into their houses.


Since then, steps have been taken to rectify the situation, and homes are built with more attention to the threat of the elements. Sometimes, a strong house must look a little more like a fortress than a mansion, and more charming houses are in higher demand.


We Build Robust Relocatable Homes near Bay of Plenty


We are Manor Build, and we build mansion-level transportable houses for Bay of Plenty homeowners. We’ve been in operation for years, and we have the industry experience to build high-quality and durable homes fast. Our designs offer more than typical relocatable homes because they offer beauty while also being strong and affordable. For that reason, a Manor Build home is a sound investment in your future.


You must be wondering: why would you consider relocatable homes for your Bay of Plenty home? We don’t blame you; granny flats tend to be small, flimsy, and less than pretty. However, they are also built quickly, can be put anywhere, and are generally more affordable. Manor Build makes transportable homes that look like mansions, but they are also strong, personalised, and built to order quickly.


When we build transportable homes for Bay of Plenty, our clients have as much control as they want over our flexible designs. We will then go forward with the plan and build it at one of our locations. We build to high standards, and we will proceed to construct your home in just a couple of months. After construction, we bring the finished home out to your property and set it up.


See our Tough & Transportable Homes for your Bay of Plenty House


When you choose Manor Build, you are investing in a structure that will last a very long time. We only use the best materials to build into our designs, and the entire building process takes place under supervision in our yard. Our highly-experienced team uses eco-friendly materials when building their weather-proof relocatable homes. Your Bay of Plenty property will be the home’s final destination.


Because of this, we ensure that the home will not fall victim to leaks as well as anything else the weather can throw at your home. Also, we will keep you aware of the progress of your home during all stages of construction. You can be sure that all operations take place in a controlled, professional environment. In just a short time, your house will be ready.


During the transport, your home will be perfectly safe. It is structurally superb, built to last against the world’s storms. A Manor Build home can handle the ride to Bay of Plenty with ease.

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