Nov 08 2017

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

We all know that kitchens are the core of most homes. The centre of meals and usually home to charging devices, family calendars and all the incoming mail and notices from school. The key to managing all of its functions efficiently is a well-though out design.


At Manor Build, we work with you if you wish to modify the interior layout of our designs. We have seen what other clients have changed and we know how important it is that the design fits with your family and habits.


With homes ranging from 43 square metres to 140 square metres, we make every metre count. Even our smallest plan includes an open kitchen area with lots of bench space.


So, what are our tips for making the most out of a smaller kitchen? Here are some of the top ones:

Effective Storage

If you are building your home and don’t plan to downsize your “stuff” before you move, it’s worth measuring the current storage space in your kitchen so that you can ensure you have room for it all in your new home.

Keep it Light and Airy

Kitchens can feel smaller than they are if they are poorly lit. Try to make sure there’s lots of natural light as well as good task lighting in work areas. Try under cabinet lighting too! Wall cupboards can make the space feel smaller too so try to strike that balance between keeping it open and airy as well as having enough storage.

Pot Racks and Magnetic Knife Strips

Being creative in storage ideas can free up some space in the drawers and cabinets for everything else. Consider hanging pots from a pot rack, or on a wall. Store your knives on a magnetic knife rack on the wall. Both of these can also add features and layers to the design.

Space-Saving Cabinetry

There are many options in modern cabinetry that give more function to your storage space. With telescoping racks that pull out, or rotating shelves that allow you to reach all the way to the back – you can make the best use of the cabinet space.

Portable Kitchen Bench

Consider a kitchen island or butcher block on wheels so that it can provide prep space when needed, and storage space with it’s not being used.

Separate Cooktop and Oven

Sometimes it can be easier to fit in your appliances if they are separate pieces rather than a freestanding oven.

Maximise Every Space

Little touches – like a cutting board that fits over your sink- give you more space for preparing food. Installing smaller-than-usual cabinets into otherwise wasted space can be a great way to tuck more items away.


If you’re unsure about fitting everything in, come visit one of our show homes and you’ll see how spacious the kitchens can be. Contact us at Manor Build for advice.