Oct 22 2017

Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Your New Home


Having a comfortable and functional bathroom really makes your house your home. With smaller square footage to work with, sometimes you have to be more creative in making the space work well. Because Manor Build gives you the ability to change the layout of the interior walls on all of our plans, we can help you make choices to make the most of the space for the bathroom.


Here are some design tips that will help maximize the comfort and function of your bathroom:


Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Try a trough sink.
 A busy family usually means a busy bathroom so why not extend the space at the sink? This allows multiple people to brush their teeth or wash their hands at the same time.


Go with a curved glass shower door. By not blocking the bathroom flow with a shower curtain, you create the feeling of more space. The curved glass reduces the aluminium framing required and enables sliding doors, which a squared-off corner shower will not.


Above-toilet shelving. Making smart use of the space above the toilet can allow you to store more items without crowding the floor space. To further increase the feeling of space, consider recessing the shelf unit into the wall.


Install a pocket door. Having space for the door to open takes up quite a bit of room in a bathroom so you can solve this by using a door that slides away into the wall.


Be creative with your vanity. You can try a floating one to create more space underneath. Or choose a table instead of a traditional bulky vanity. This will allow more spaciousness underneath the sink.


Use a corner sink. Tucking the sink into one of the corners will allow easier flow and movement within the bathroom.


Keep your decor simple. If you’re going to choose intricate flooring make sure you pair it with simple wall colours. Avoid knick knacks that don’t serve a purpose.


Plan built-in shelving. Whether it’s storing towels or toiletries, an in-wall shelf helps keep the space on top of the vanity clear and gives you a place for everything. A small ledge above your sink can also help.


Don’t let design elements break up the space. If you are using tile for your shower, run it through the whole bathroom as well.


Smart storage. Whatever you decide, having well-designed storage makes all the difference.


Contact us today to help you design a comfortable and functional bathroom for your new home. We know how to make the most of the space in a compact, factory-built home.

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