Jan 20 2020

Lovable granny flats in Waikato: Home is where the heart is


Have you ever wished that you could simplify your life? In recent years, many people at all stages of life have made the decision to simplify their living situation by choosing the efficiency and affordability of a modular or transportable home. While prefab homes in Waikato once had a reputation for being limited in their ability to offer comfortable accommodation, many popular home and garden shows have helped to dispel that notion by profiling the wide array of charming and luxurious transportable homes that are attracting new owners all over the world.


For example, Manor Build works with clients to build and deliver stylish modular homes to Waikato and the entire North Island that leave no detail to chance. The modular nature of construction allows for infinite customisation, including a host of luxury upgrades not typically associated with prefab construction.


Modular homes in Waikato are a great choice for older homeowners looking to downsize, for those looking to expand their current living space to offer privacy for guests in the form of an in-law suite. They are also excellent for people looking for an affordable entry point into the New Zealand housing market. Modular homes are the perfect way to obtain the security of home ownership while avoiding many of the costs associated with more traditional homes.


Not your typical granny flats in Waikato


If you’ve never seriously looked at the wide array of choices available in the prefab home market, you might be surprised. The homes created by Manor Build are the perfect solution for those priced out of the ever-rising New Zealand housing market. These homes do not look like prefabricated buildings once they are situated in place and are virtually indistinguishable from traditional fixed foundation construction. While many in the market for granny flats in Waikato might hesitate at the thought of shopping for modular or prefab homes in Waikato for their guests, they might be surprised to see the quality of many of the options on the market.


Thanks to modern building techniques, it is now possible to bring luxury features to prefab and modular homes in Waikato and beyond and because the base cost of purchasing such a home is lower than with traditional construction, the owner can invest a greater percentage of the budget in luxury finishes. While definition streamlines much of the process of building a prefabricated home, their modular nature still allows for nearly infinite customisation.


Efficient and Built to Last


At Manor Build we want to make your dream home more attainable than ever. We build modular homes for Waikato and surrounding areas. In addition to the wide array of luxury features that many people don’t associate with portable housing, our buildings are also extremely durable and made to last. Because they use space efficiently, the energy costs and other annual costs of ownership are also much lower than traditional build. If you’ve never fully considered prefabricated homes before, we encourage you to look at our full array of stylish options