Nov 17 2017

Our Visit with the Prime Minister

Prime minister Bill English visits Manor BuildWe recently hosted Prime Minister Bill English and Jonathan Young, the MP for New Plymouth on a tour of our workshop. Yes, the Prime Minister came for a visit! He was in Taranaki and we were lucky enough to have him come by.


A Tour of Our Workshop


There was a different buzz around the office, as we waited for our guests to arrive. Just before lunch, his vehicle pulled up to our front doors. With slightly rainy weather, we greeted him and then took him on a tour of the factory where we construct our clients’ homes. He was very keen to learn about our process and the materials we use. With a few product reps on hand, we were able to answer any questions he had. We had three houses in progress on the day and they were all at different stages. One of the partially-completed homes featured as we showed off the interior finishing to our visitors.


Prime minister Bill English has a tour of the factory

In addition to learning about the homes themselves, we had a chance to discuss how Manor Build homes could be used to rebuild the stock of state houses and how doing so could help the community. Even our builders had a chance to chat with the Prime Minister, as he asked them about the houses and their jobs.


Prime minister Bill English and New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young

The thirty-minute visit went by in a flash! After the Prime Minister left, the Manor Build team provided lunch for the reps and staff and discussed the questions raised and how we could use them to further enhance our products. It’s not every day that such a high-profile visitor comes by and we were pleased to be able to be part of his day in Taranaki. It’s great to have the leader of the country being able to connect with some of the grassroots issues and opportunities our business, and the wider industry, are facing.


Prime minister Bill English visits the Manor Build factory in New Plymouth