Sep 11 2017

New Home Lighting Design Ideas

Close your eyes and think about the lighting in your home. Which room is the brightest? Which never seems to be light enough? Do you have lots of options for layering the light? Is the light mostly natural or artificial? Now, imagine your dream home and how the lighting would look.


Lighting is a topic that can often become an afterthought when designing your own home. Perhaps because it’s a necessity, most people don’t realise it can be done luxuriously. The lighting can create a warm, inviting space and of course that means it can do the complete opposite as well. Our advice to you if you’re building a home – make sure you take your time to consider your lighting options. Here are some things you’ll want to think about.


Harness the Natural Light

This type of light is both pleasant and doesn’t cost you anything each month. In areas that don’t have windows, you might consider skylights or solar tubes to allow daylight to come in. Also if your front door enters into a hallway, choose a door with some glass in it, whether it’s frosted or not.

Install Motion Sensor Lighting Outdoors

Motion sensor lights are excellent for around your home. That way they can be used as needed instead of being left on all night. Choose spotlights that cover lots of space and make sure they are installed to light stairwells and any areas that are uneven. Most can be adjusted to control how long they stay on which means you can customise it for your home.

Choose LED Lighting

Now that LEDs are much more common, they are the best choice for home lighting because they are cost effective. They last far longer than incandescent bulbs, are bright and come in stylish designs.

Think About The Function

Every room has its own lighting needs so make sure you consider how the room will be used when choosing your lighting. Consider whether you will just have ceiling lights, or if you will have floor and table lamps, or accent lighting too. In the kitchen and the craft room, you don’t want to be in the dark so select appropriate options in these spaces.

Convenient Options

When you are building a new home, you get a chance to make it convenient for you. Make sure you add enough switches, and you may consider adding some for table and floor lamps so that all lights are on the same set of switches in a room. If a room is large, you might want to have multiple switches that control it so you don’t have to stumble in the dark to turn on the light.

Creating Ambience

Using lighting to set the mood in a space is overlooked in many homes. Tilting lights to feature artwork or to create interest on a feature wall makes for a modern space. Think about putting some lights on dimmer switches as well to make your lounge cosy in the evenings.

Bedroom Wall Lights

If you like to read at bedtime, think about installing wall lights. The only thing you want to be careful with is that once the lights are set, it often means the bed can only go in one direction. So, if you want flexibility in the layout of the room, go with lamps.


A well-lit home can really make it more enjoyable and more stylish so take time to consider your options. We can connect you with Lighting Direct to do a plan for your home if requested. Give Manor Build a ring and we can talk you through the best lighting options for all of the plans we offer.