Jan 24 2020

Interested in modular homes? Discover the Manor Build difference


A growing number of people are experiencing a desire to downsize or reduce the “footprint” of their living space. From older generations looking for more manageable homes to young people interested in smaller structures, it’s a widespread interest. Modular homes offer those around the Bay of Plenty an intriguing option. If you have space on a property, a prefab structure can offer substantial savings in both time and money. Doesn’t that mean sacrificing the opportunity for custom built quality and a personal touch to the home? Not at all! At Manor Build, our clients have the opportunity to live in prefab homes in the Bay of Plenty area that feature many high-end finishes.


Our focus from the start was on developing a painless process for finding and purchasing affordable modular structures in New Zealand. From supplying families who need granny flats to accommodating downsizers, we put our experience to work in many areas. Our team also focuses on strict milestones — we don’t want to keep you waiting for a new home. With that in mind, how do we achieve these goals? Take a moment to consider the process you would experience if you chose to partner with us to create a prefab home.


Our process for creating granny flats in Bay of Plenty


Let’s assume you’ve already selected one of our plans (click here to view them). What’s next? Your level of involvement is up to you, but we always handle every major step. For example: do you have opinions about the interior design and what colours you’d like to use? Let us know! We can incorporate your ideas into the plan. Once all details receive final approval from you and the site is ready, we commence construction. The building process starts in our New Plymouth site. Superior materials are used efficiently, creating little waste.


When the modular components are ready, our granny flats leave the build site for transportation. We will arrange this and discuss the potential costs earlier in the process. There are never hidden fees or surprise charges. After arriving at your property, our licensed and highly experienced builders set to work with the prefab components. It takes just eight weeks for construction and a further 2 for final installation. At this stage, we add any requested extras, like decking. Just like that, you have affordable new housing ready and waiting.


Let us walk you through the first steps today


Why should you have to feel anxiety and stress throughout the process of home buying or construction? With the stages we’ve described, those seeking granny flats around the Bay of Plenty area have an economical option that never compromises on comfort. The Manor Build team even handles steps like securing local council approval. Whether you’re a downsizer or looking for a more spacious property, we’ll deliver a final result that you’ll love living in for years to come. Click here to view our available floor plans, or visit our contact page to submit an enquiry. We welcome your questions and look forward to working with you!

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