Jan 25 2020

Go Modular, Go Green: How Prefab Homes Help the Environment


A conscious, proactive attitude towards environmentally friendly living is on the rise around the world. More often, individuals looking at new homes have questions and concerns about properties that are “green” and sustainable.


For those with similar concerns who are on the hunt for a new place to live, have you considered the possibility of modular homes around Auckland? Their transportable, prefab nature doesn’t only mean you can more easily choose where in the region you want to live. They also come equipped with several features you may find attractive. At Manor Build, our goal is to create homes that are affordable, enjoyable, and eco-conscious.


Living in a home built with sustainability in mind has more than a positive impact on the environment. You can see a positive impact on your bank account, too, as these properties feature a higher level of energy efficiency. We have eco-friendly designs for prefab homes ready and waiting. We also build all our designs with the same carefully considered methods and materials. We do all this while delivering modular homes of exceeding quality and featuring luxurious finishes. Our advanced building methodology and experience allows us to offer these homes in an affordable price range. How do we put our knowledge to work while creating a new home in which you can enjoy living?


How we create energy efficient prefab homes for you in Auckland


We begin with building materials and products our team has vetted for quality and reliability. When possible, these products are eco-friendly and gentle on the environment. By taking these materials and building modular granny flats in a precise, controlled location, we reduce unnecessary waste to a minimum level. From the start, this process is about creating as small a footprint as possible.


This eco-friendliness continues even after you occupy one of our prefab homes. Their careful construction and materials mean they are naturally more energy efficient. It is easier to keep them warm or cool, saving money on electricity used running HVAC equipment. Combine that with your own energy-saving habits, and you will find it is an excellent path to a “greener” way of living.


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Project after project, we’re proving that granny flats around the Auckland area can be affordable yet modern and enjoyable to use. At the same time, we emphasise efficiency and environmental friendliness. Moving into a smaller home also reduces your personal impact on the environment. For those conscious of the world around them, modular homes are an excellent solution.


As we work with you to create your perfect new home, you will experience a building process unlike any other. You can place your personal spin on the project, or leave all the work to us — the choice is entirely up to you. To learn more about the design qualities of prefab granny flats and more, contact us today.

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