Jul 24 2017

Client Interview: Pleased to Have Chosen Manor Build


We revisit Manor Build Clients, Marty and Margaret Prestney now that they have moved into their new home. They share more of their story and tell us their favourite parts about their new home.


Home out for transport

Manor Build: When did you move into your new home?
Client: We have been living in it for 9 weeks by now. There was a two-week time period where it was on site but we hadn’t moved in yet. This was because we opted to get our bathroom tiled which was best to do after the move and it was something we were aware of.


MB: Did you see the house being moved to your site?
Client: Yes, our family all came down to watch it being moved. Our daughter was pregnant and due any minute. It was really exciting, especially when the truck had to go under the bridge! At our section, all the neighbours came round to check it out too.


MB: Did the project go to schedule?
Client: Yes, everything was on track. There were some minor completions to do after the house was moved. For example, the heater pipes had to be changed but that was not a major inconvenience.


MB: Did you find you made many changes as the finishing touches were being done?
Client: Everything was looking good and we were viewing it nearly every week towards the finish. Now that we’ve been in, we think having dimmer switches in the bedrooms would have been a good idea! We had them in old house and at the time of the build, we didn’t include them in the plan.


MB: Were there any surprises?
Client: Because this was the first time we had built on an empty section, the process of getting a power connection to the section was new. We didn’t expect it to be a big deal but it turns out It is a 4-5 week process as there are lots parties involved. So, we hadn’t timed that as early as we should have.


Home being delivered on site

MB: What’s your favourite part of your new home?
Client: We cannot believe how warm it is! The Lounge and the Master Bedroom face the sun and the view which is lovely. There is a heat pump, and underfloor heating in the bathroom for the tiles and that’s on the cooler side of the house so it makes it nice and warm there. The Master Bedroom is close to bathroom so it feels like we have an ensuite. We have two bathrooms so it’s great to have a guest bathroom now.


MB: Would you recommend Manor Build to your friends?
Client: Yes, definitely! It’s a really important option to have compared to the standard “brick and tile” units that are out there. And all the customisations available make it totally yours. We looked for 6 months before deciding to build. We couldn’t find anything suitable in the existing market so we’re really pleased that we ended up going with Manor Build for a new home.


MB: Do you have any advice for others who are building for the first time?
Clien: The power connection to a new section takes several weeks, so make sure you’re onto that well ahead of time!


MB: Is there anything more to do on the house?
Client: Yes, we chose to build a deck ourselves so we have that half done. The deck is about the same size as the house so that we have a great outdoor space. There is some landscaping still to happen too.


MB: Once the deck and the landscaping are done, we hope to see photos!
Client: Definitely!