Oct 14 2021

What is included in our prefab home prices?

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One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of building a new home can be the unexpected costs that creep in during the building process. This can be more common for traditional builds as builders may have underestimated the cost of materials needed, or prices have increased due to supply shortages. It can also be a tactical move for some builders to win over a project. But what should you look out for when in the quoting stage of your journey?


Understanding what's included in your quote and what to expect in it is a great way to get peace of mind during the house building process. You should always receive a specification list which states everything that is included as well as things that are not. This ensures nothing is overlooked and can save you money and stress down the line.


At Manor Build we strongly feel that building a new home doesn’t need to be a rollercoaster of emotions where the excitement of a looming milestone is tampered with by a sudden bill to reach it. This is why, when you build with us, everything is spelt out clearly and concisely from the moment you fill in the request a price form on our website, to adding upgrades to your build and confirming your final plans. This is because our homes have been carefully priced to cover the full build of the project. Of course, there may be the additional cost of add ons and upgrades, but these are discussed and factored into the final quote that is signed before the build even starts. 


Building a prefab home comes with many benefits. Because the house is built in a factory and delivered to the site fully complete, you won’t get stung with delay costs or damaged materials due to the elements. So what is included in the price when building a Manor Build Home? Read on to find out. 


Our standard inclusions

Inclusions are specific items or services included in the base price of the home. You can find the full list of our standard inclusions here. All of our homes are pre-priced to include each of these standard inclusions, which means you'll know upfront exactly what your home is going to look like as well as how much it is going to cost. This includes, but isn’t limited to, all building materials, labour and contractor wages, all the way to the interior and exterior painting finish, and the kitchen sink. With our extensive range of fittings, colours, and finishes, your home will feel anything but standard. Once a Manor Build home is complete, it is delivered from our factory to the site and is ready to be enjoyed by its happy owners as soon as it has been connected to services.


A basic breakdown of our standard inclusions include:

  • Subfloor, wall and roof framing

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Double glazed windows and doors

  • Internal linings and fixout

  • Interior and exterior painting

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry

  • Bathroom sink, shower and toilet

  • Floor coverings including carpet, tiling and laminate flooring

  • Bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing

  • Electrical wiring for lighting and plugs

  • Light fixtures

  • Heat pump

  • Ventilation system

  • Smoke detectors

  • LPG four plate gas cooktop or electric (stainless)

  • Electric wall oven (stainless)

  • Range hood with light

  • Labour and contractor fees

  • Pre-delivery clean 


Our initial quotes include the standard inclusions, but there are many different upgrades available at an additional cost. Deciding on the right upgrades can come down to how you are going to use your home. Such upgrades can include a full kitchen or bathroom upgrade, upgrades to the door handles, as well as different flooring options.


Your decisions should always relate to you and your family’s future lifestyle and your budget. Considerations like, where do you spend the majority of your time when at home? Is your family younger and needs more durable flooring, or perhaps your home welcomes a large number of people, therefore a bigger floorplan might make life easier. Our home consultants can price these upgrades for you during the design stage of the project.

What is not included?

You may be thinking by now that our prices really do include everything, and the simple truth is that there are only a couple of things missing, but for good reason. So what isn’t included? Below are some of the key costs that need to be factored into your overall build cost. We can provide accurate estimations of these during the time of our quoting process if you wish.



The cost of transporting a fully completed home from our factory in New Plymouth to its final site is not included in our standard pricing. Because your site can be located almost anywhere within the North Island, the price is calculated on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, there are some locations that we are unable to deliver to due to the accessibility and logistics of having a large house on the back of a large truck. The cost of delivery can also vary due to the size of the house. The good news is that we can give you an estimated quote for transportation once we know more about your situation and after a site visit. 

Once a house is delivered to the site, connections to services on-site will need to be done, these are not included in our initial quotes. The cost of this can vary based on a rural or residential site. 


Land foundations


Foundations and earthworks are another cost that is not factored into our quotes, and probably one that can range the most in price. This is because all sites are different and costs can differ from one project to another depending on the amount of preparation that needs to be done to the site before the foundations are laid. We don’t do earthworks so you’ll need to get this price from an independent contractor and factor it into your build. Some sites might not need any at all, and some may need a lot of work! 


Council consents


Council costs for consents are also not included in the initial quote. This is because each council is different and has different costs and consent processes that need to be adhered to. Our team has a good relationship with many different councils and can help you through the consent process as seamlessly as possible. 


Decks and verandas

These are not part of our initial quote as they can be added to a home during the landscaping stage of the build. They are also not a must-have functioning addition to a home, meaning that you don’t need to have a deck or a verandah to be able to live in and use your home. This is not to say that we can’t include a deck or verandah as part of your quote, simply let us know how big and we can price this for you.


As you can see, there are several factors that can impact the final cost of a new build home, and this includes our prefabricated homes. However, one thing is for certain, when you build with us the unexpected costs are reduced and once construction starts there will be no extra costs to worry about. If you are ready to start your journey to building a new home then check out our range of designs, or download our brochure

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