Jan 21 2020

Find a Home for Less Granny Flats, Modular, and Prefab Homes in Taupo


Picture in your mind two houses. They are both made with the same types of materials. They appear to be the same. They provide all the same amenities such as the same number of bathrooms, the same amount of floor space, and the same sized backyard. The exterior and the interior of the house look identical.


What is the only difference? The homes differ in their construction, which in turn affects their price. Which home would you want? The cheaper one of course.


Prefab Homes in Taupo Cost Significantly Less for Similar Homes


The modular homes industry has undergone immense advancement, providing homeowners with everything they need for a lower price. The construction techniques, the design approach, and the materials used in the construction process have all adapted with the times. Now the disadvantages of choosing modular homes in Taupo are no more.


The construction process of modular homes allows them to be more cost-effective. Modular homes are built in a factory environment, with each section (or module) of the house built and then taken to the site of the new home. Construction workers will then put the home together on a permanent foundation, drastically cutting down on construction time, saving you time and money. The process takes a matter of days rather than weeks.


In most cases, the construction quality can be even better with these types of homes. You not only save money and time, but you can even improve the quality of the project by choosing a pre-constructed style.


Our Granny Flats in Taupo Give Your Family Flexibility


One style of pre-constructed homes is granny flats. These are perfect for families with less common living situations. Maybe older children, grandparents, or extended family members are living with you. They are happy to be a part of the family, but they miss having a space of their own. This design option gives them privacy such as they would have living in their own house, while only being a few steps away from the rest of the family.


Or maybe you have guests, renters, or nannies. These people are not quite family, so it can be uncomfortable for them and you if they stay in a bedroom next to yours. You can give them their own space, helping them to feel more at ease while they stay with your family. Most of these homes include separate entry ways to allow for an even greater feeling of independence.


Whatever your housing needs, Manor Build is here for you. We offer high-end homes that give you luxury without breaking your bank. Our focus is making the process as simple as possible for you so that you can enjoy a positive building experience. Our homes are designed to be sturdy so that they can withstand anything life throws at them. The designs used in our homes result in a charming, stylish home. We doubt anyone would ever know it was a pre-fab home!

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