Jan 22 2020

Modular Homes, Prefab Homes, & Granny Flats Available Taranaki wide


Taranaki is a place of astounding natural beauty, encompassing one of the world’s most incredible natural features. Even beyond Mount Taranaki itself, the region is home to a gorgeous and highly varied landscape.

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While this presents endless opportunities for tourists and sightseers, it can occasionally cause challenges for residents. One such issue is the cost of home ownership in Taranaki, which has the potential to be dauntingly expensive. As land, housing, and loan interest costs increase, more and more people are looking at other methods of building to reduce cost, risk and timeframes, and one such method which is gaining popularity is Transportable Prefab Homes.


What are Prefab Transportable Homes?


Prefab homes in Taranaki are modular buildings from 1-bedroom up to 4-bedroom that are constructed in a factory and delivered to site fully complete to be intalled on foundations, at which point they're ready to move in to. Because they're built in a weatherproof, process controled factory, this reduces timeframes and cost, and also reduces cost overuns. Furthermore, modular homes in Taranaki are highly durable and energy efficient, making them excellent investments over long periods of time. Used as standalone live-in units or granny flats on existing Taranaki properties, prefab homes represent a paradigm shift in the housing market with the capacity to solve many the issues most commonly faced by modern buyers.


Manor Build has a full range of 2 to 4-bedroom plans


Whether you’re in the housing market for granny flats or an affordable home of your own, you’ll find it worthwhile to acquaint yourself with the companies offering modular homes in Taranaki. At Manor Build we have a range of standard plans online which you can quickly review and even obtain an instant online estimate. Further to that any of these plans can be customized to suit your site and particular requirements include a range of interior and exterior styles. Drawing on the 20+ years of successful building experience we've had, Manor Build commits fully to providing residents throughout the Taranaki region with attractive and affordable housing prospects. Our designs make excellent use of both space and energy, resulting in highly efficient units at extraordinarily reasonable prices. 


Manor Build Makes Granny Flats in Taranaki Easy


Adding to your property has the potential to be a very rewarding experience, but it often comes with its fair share of challenges. Fortunately, the nature of Manor Build’s homes allows them to make wonderful granny flats since they provide everything you need to live in a single package. Also, these buildings tend to use far less energy than other structures, making them highly economical units. Adding a granny flat to your property via Manor Build is an excellent way to increase your available living space without driving up your utility costs to unbearable levels.


The New Prefab Home


Manor Build is changing the way people think about prefab homes. Modular homes aren’t simply a viable way to live; they’re now one of the most appealing and sustainable ways to live in the Taranaki area. Our innovative and careful designs can help you find everything you want in a home without venturing out of your budget. Contact Manor Homes today and find out what we can do for you. There’s a beauty in our simplicity that you’re sure to love.

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