Apr 24 2017

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Building: Consider a Transportable Home

Home being delivered to siteIf you’re looking to have a house built but your eco-conscious side keeps suggesting you buy an existing home, it’s time to consider a transportable home. There are many benefits to this style of building and many of them are also good to the environment too!


Why a Transportable House is an Eco-Friendly Choice


  • It uses less material. The small size (up to 140 sqm) reduces the overall footprint of the build and has a shorter supply list.

  • The designs are smart. With little wasted space in our designs, it means that you can feel like you’re living large in a small house so the need to up-size won’t be there.

  • Our building process means there is less waste than a normal building site, up to 40% less! We build our houses indoors and then move them to the site. This allows us to re-use and recycle materials that would normally be thrown out.

  • Where possible, we use materials that are kinder to the planet. This is something we believe in as a company and we actively explore the options out there when sourcing materials.

  • The house is more efficient. This means that it requires less energy to heat and cool because of the thermal efficient and the size. There are also fewer lights and overall it’s a smaller energy requirement to run a smaller home.

A new house doesn’t always have to mean that it’s not sustainable – and we think the smaller footprint of our homes is a huge part of why they are more eco-friendly than an on-site build. With our innovative approach to building homes, we are always looking at sustainability in our processes. Get in contact with us to find out more about our homes.