Mar 20 2017

All You Need to Know About Building With Us

Completed Manor Build homeHow does a building project with Manor Build differ from other builders? Read on to find out all about it and learn about why our builds are such affordable options.


What is the price of a transportable home?

As a rough guide, you should be able purchase a good quality family home for under $200,000. The size of the home, the fittings included and the number of bathrooms will have an affect on the cost. It also depends on whether you choose an upscale kitchen or something more modest.


What is not included in the price?

Our quote does not include any decks, external stairs, base boards, verandas or pergolas. It also excludes the cost of the building consent, the cost of transport, and the service connections. By letting the client pay directly for consents and service connections, it saves our clients money as we don’t need to charge for our time to manage those.


Can you build the decks?

Yes we can – these are done on-site once the house is in place. This work will be in addition to the house contract.


How long does it take to build?

Once we have building consent granted your home can be completed within 10 Weeks.


Can we change things in the design?

Absolutely! If you wish to change the size of the rooms, the storage spaces or the placement of windows – we have the flexibility to change anything on the inside of your home. It’s one of the many benefits of our designs. This allows you to adjust the layout to suit your style of living and it allows us to create the perfect home for you. Any changes requested will be confirmed with you prior to commencement of building your home.


How many times can I make changes to the design?

We allow you to make two rounds of changes free of charge. Should you require more drawing changes, we require a small design fee that is refundable upon signing of a full build contract.


Can we choose our own colours?

Yes, you are more than welcome to design your own colour pallette. If you don’t want to rely on your interior design skills though, we have some proven colour combinations that we can recommend. The colours will be confirmed and signed off prior to commencement of construction.


Can we use our own sub-trades?

We have a strong partnership with local tradies who understand the strict timeframes we work with. However, if you have a preferred provider, we are open to discussing this. We would need to give the final “okay” before including them on your project as they would need to be able to stick to the timeline since we don’t have the same type of delays faced by on-site builds.


Who takes care of the building consent?

We take care of this for you by completing the application, submitting it to council for approval, and monitoring it throughout the process. In the interest of transparency, we pass the fee for the consent directly on to you for payment. That means we don’t add any markup to it.


Can I visit the house during construction to see progress?

Yes definitely! We like you to be able to see the progress and share in the excitement. In the interest of health & safety, we do require that any visits are arranged in advance, and that there is a ManorBuild representative with you in the workshop. That works perfectly though as often clients have lots of questions during their visits anyway.


Is transport included?

The cost of transport is not part of the price as it will depend on the location and access to the section where the house will be delivered. But this is something that Manor Build arranges for our clients so you can trust that it’s in good hands. The cost will be clear before you enter into the housing contract.


Is the home complete when delivered to site?

Yes it is fully fitted out and painted! All that you have to do is arrange the connection of electricity and plumbing services. We don’t manage the service connections but are happy to refer you to people who can help.


Who arranges the piles for the house to sit on onsite?

The house removal company looks after all this. They will include this in their price.


What is the square metre cost for a home?

When the overall size of a house decreases, the cost per square metre goes up because the high-cost areas like kitchens and bathrooms do not always decrease in proportion to the house size. We tend not to use a square metre cost with our clients as transportable homes can’t be compared straight to an on-site build. As Del Casa Homes have explained, choosing your builder just on square metre rates may not result in the best finished home for you.


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