Jan 26 2020

How portable homes in Waikato could transform the housing market


Who wouldn’t want to have all the advantages of a luxury home at a fraction of the cost? For those looking to downsize or simply in need of an extra living accommodation, luxurious living might be more obtainable than you think. Long overlooked by those in the traditional housing market, many people are not aware that portable homes in Waikato offer all the benefits of home ownership at a fraction of the cost.


Thanks to modern building techniques, portable and prefabricated homes on the market today come in a variety of charming styles that are virtually indistinguishable from other high-end new constructions. Not only are they less expensive to buy than traditional fixed foundation homes, but they are also faster to construct, infinitely customisable, energy efficient, and extremely durable, which leads to lower maintenance costs over the long term.


Luxury living at a fraction of the price: Where to find affordable housing in Waikato


While much affordable housing in Waikato with low-end construction breaks down over time, many prefabricated and transportable homes on the market today actually offer a level of luxury rarely found in the traditional housing market. Consumers can choose from a range of high-end brand new modular products that offer infinite possibilities when it comes to personalised customisation. Because many prefabricated homes require less building materials than traditional construction, it’s possible to put a greater attention to quality into each piece. Also, because the entire construction process occurs in a centralised location, much of the waste associated with construction is minimised, which reduces costs and helps keep New Zealand clean.


Because of their low purchase cost and relatively light maintenance requirements, prefabricated homes are a great point of entry for the first-time homeowner as well as an efficient solution for long time homeowners looking to downsize. Prefabricated homes are an especially attractive option for those in need of a granny flat in Waikato or other extra living space since homeowners can quickly and easily add an attractive guest cottage to their existing residence.


Dream home, dream experience


At Manor Build we strive to make every aspect of the experience of choosing your future residence easy and enjoyable. With our line of prefabricated housing options, we can bring customers home in a fraction of the time that it takes to complete a more traditional build, and at a fraction of the cost. We have several pre-designed plans for our customers to choose from that can be customised as you see fit. Our build process can be streamlined to accept as little or as much input as you would like to contribute.


Manor Build has seventeen years of experience in the business of constructing prefabricated and portable housing and understand what it takes to provide a quality, ‘mansion level’ product. If you’ve never fully considered prefabricated homes before, let our innovative team show you the possibilities. We serve all the North Island from our New Plymouth building site and look forward to working with you on your next project.

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