Jan 27 2020

Purchase a portable home in Taupo as an affordable housing option


There’s a lot to do in Taupo, which means that residents spend a lot of time outside. Everyone needs a place to come home to at the end of the day, and citizens of Taupo are no exception. Property values in Taupo have been rising steadily for a while, which presents certain difficulties to new homebuyers or those looking to move. How can you enjoy the place where you live if it costs you an arm and a leg to stay there?


Those of you looking for affordable housing in Taupo might soon be in luck. One company has taken a relatively old idea and put a brand-new twist on it in recent years, which is providing Taupo residents with a cure to their home buying woes. That company is Manor Build, and that idea is the portable home. Manor Build’s prefabricated portable homes in Taupo offer an excellent way to purchase a home without subjecting oneself to the rising costs of traditional homeownership with which so many of the area’s current residents struggle. Manor Build uses innovative designs and simple but effective construction methods on each project, resulting in reduced building costs and affordable options for buyers.


Some of the portable homes offered by Manor Build can also make a wonderful granny flat for Taupo residents hoping to add self-contained accommodations to their existing properties. Best of all, the simple design of Manor Build homes allows them to use energy efficiently, resulting in considerable savings over long periods of ownership. The ability to save money on utility bills and reduce the environmental impact of home ownership makes these buildings cost effective as both add-ons and standalone living spaces.


Affordable housing in Taupo can look amazing!


Recent innovations in design and the use of high quality materials have allowed Manor Build to create some of the most beautiful portable homes in Taupo without sacrificing their functionality. The same advances also allow Manor Build to produce homes that feel incredibly spacious without losing their compact and efficient nature—like the stately Alpine Design, which contains two whole bedrooms but measures in at only 59sqm! Whether you’re searching for a granny flat or a portable home, these designs can satisfy you on both aesthetic and practical levels. You’ve never seen prefabricated buildings with such class and style before.


Contact Manor Build and find your next dream home today


When you’re ready to consider a portable home or granny flat in the Taupo area, call Manor Build and ask to speak with a representative. You’ll quickly see just how adaptable Manor Build is, and how much energy goes into helping each client design a home they’ll love while maintaining all the advantages quality prefabricated homes offer. Manor Build even offers financing for prefab homes, which helps eliminate another common obstacle on the road towards home ownership. You might just find that a Manor Build home is the answer to your domestic prayers.

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