Jan 28 2020

Want Affordable Housing in Taranaki? Try a portable home


Having a place of your own to enjoy is a key part of maintaining a high quality of life, but sometimes it can be difficult to find an affordable place to live that really feels like home. Taking an economical approach to home ownership shouldn’t restrict your design choices or access to quality materials, and yet many prospective home buyers throughout Taranaki and other areas feel that they must choose between quality and affordability.


Fortunately, such a choice isn’t always necessary. Seeking out the right builders can change the way you think about acquiring a new home, but there’s an even more important step: change the way you think about the home itself.


New homes come in many different shapes and sizes. Take portable homes, for instance. Taranaki residents are becoming more interested in portable homes with each passing year. These compact prefabricated buildings offer affordable strength and convenience without compromising on their appearance. Portable homes may be used as standalone affordable housing in Taranaki or added to an existing property for use as a granny flat. In either case, they provide a unique and economic blend of style and comfort.


Whether you’re looking for affordable housing or a granny flat in Taranaki, you’ll want to start your search with a company that offers quality portable homes to area residents. Manor Build is a strong example of just such a company, with years of experience as an off-shoot of the Uniplan Group and a reputation for high-end utilitarian construction. Manor Build offers Taranaki residents and customers in other areas a wide variety of designs to choose from, then provides you with a complete product. This streamlined process allows us to offer our homes at highly competitive prices, making them a smart buy for homeowners who care about their residential and financial futures.


Affordable Housing in Taranaki—in More Ways than One!


The houses that Manor Build provides typically have much friendlier up-front prices than those created by other builders, but the savings don’t stop there. The compact and standalone nature of Manor Build homes also has the benefit of making them highly energy efficient, which helps homeowners save plenty of money on monthly utility bills. Another benefit of compact homes is their reduced impact on the environment. Keeping running costs down also helps conserve natural resources, which means that your beautiful Manor Build home can also help keep Taranaki beautiful. What a deal!


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When you’re searching for the perfect granny flat or place to live, make sure you have the right builders on your side. Manor Build works with each client to design products specifically suited to their lifestyles, so be sure to call and speak with a representative about what you want from your home construction. We’ll be happy to help you develop plans for a project that meets all your needs while staying within your budget and pushing the limits of stylish design.

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