Jan 29 2020

Portable homes are an affordable housing option for your Manawatu home

Ever since New Zealand homes were hit by the “leaky building” crisis, New Zealand building standards have improved. The Building Act of 2004 now makes builders submit to regular inspections after getting licenses. When you are purchasing a house, the prices will be higher because the builders will have to be fully licensed and use proper materials. Luckily, you do not have to sacrifice style when buying for affordability.

If you have never considered getting a portable home as your affordable housing for your Manawatu home, you may be surprised. Portable homes, sometimes known as granny flats, can be prefabricated and lifted to the property of your choice. Most people envision small, shabby, and flimsy houses when imagining portable houses. However, luxurious yet affordable housing can be brought to Manawatu with a portable home by Mason Build.


See why a Granny Flat near Manawatu can be a Lovely Choice


You do not have to settle for a home that does not make you smile when you need to save money. If you are considering buying a granny flat for your Manawatu home, be sure to visit us at Manor Build. We will show you that you can find portable homes for Manawatu that are personalised, charming, and very strong. Manor Build will build you a house that will make you happy long into your future.


You will be surprised; a portable home can be the most adorable house that you’ve ever owned. Manor Build is known for their diverse and customisable designs, all of which have a high-class appearance which is sure to impress. With Manor Build, you can have a house worthy of your love without paying full price for a stationary home.


Our portable homes are built to last forever but do not look like fortresses. All our highly experienced builders are fully licensed and construct homes at our yard, completely supervised. We build your chosen design with the best materials, sure to never crack and leak, making your home last for several lifetimes. You can bring a “granny flat” to Manawatu that will exceed all your durability expectations for a portable home.


You Have Not Seen such Charming Portable Homes for Manawatu Residents


Our houses may be pretty, but your personalised and fancy home will not fail against the threat of the weather either. In response to the unfortunate phenomenon that was the New Zealand building crisis, we have created an opportunity for private homeowners to make a sound and affordable home purchase.


Homeowners are afraid to spend so much money on a home that is likely to fall apart. As people look for more affordable housing, they feel like they need to settle for homes that are not so easy on the eye because of the high prices of nicer homes. We are here to serve durable and portable homes to Manawatu.


With Manor Build, you can browse all our adorable portable homes. We build homes that will make you feel comfortable and secure, anywhere you want to live. We have the technology and the experience to quickly build the home that’s perfect for you, so that you can get into your new home as quickly as possible.

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