Nov 13 2017

Affordable Housing with Prefab Houses

One of the most affordable housing options on the market is a prefab home. They are efficiently built in a factory environment which allows for major cost savings. The size also allows them to fit on sections that can be harder to work with for larger houses. They even work well on sloped sections – which cost less than flat sections.


So how does the budget for a prefab home stack up? Manor Build makes it simple.


Costs for a Prefab Home

The Build

Manor Build has several designs to choose from. The majority of the plans cost less than $200,000 to build. This includes a finished interior. The major factors in cost relate to the total size of the plan as well as the style of the kitchen and bathroom. For instance, an upscale kitchen will bring costs up.


Whether you already own land, or have purchased a section fresh for the new home, you will need somewhere for the house to go. Manor Build is happy to consult with you to determine which design might suit your section best.


We build homes inside our factory so they are completed before they arrive on your site. Our pricing does not include the cost to transport the homes because there are many variables and distances that come into play. We discuss this before you sign your contract so you will know the transport cost before we start building.

On-Site Works

If the site needs any excavation done to prepare for the house, this is something you’ll need to budget for. The transport company will work with you to arrange for the piles that the house will sit on once it has been moved.

Consents and Services

Manor Build gives clients the flexibility to pay for the building consent and the service connections directly. This means that there’s no mark up and you don’t pay for the additional time it takes to manage these processes. We are happy to give advice on the timelines and who you’ll need to get in touch with to arrange this.

External Decks and Stairs

Depending on the site and the house you choose, you may wish to add external stairs and decks. These are not included in the initial design prices and can be built to suit your preferences.


As with most new homes, the landscaping is not part of the cost of the build. This is something you can add after the house has been moved – in your own time and aligning with your budget.


The affordability of prefab homes makes them a great option for a first-time buyer, or those looking to downsize. You don’t have to compromise on quality or style and you can even customise the interior layout of our designs. Call us today to visit our show home!