Jan 30 2020

Want an affordable granny flat in the Bay of Plenty?


Is your home feeling cramped these days? Do you have a family member planning to move in with you? The need for the addition of a granny flat isn’t an uncommon one for many families today.


Finding the space to make that a possibility can be challenge. Your existing home many not be able to accommodate an expansion. Whether you intend to move or to add a separate building to your property, there’s no need to start from square one. When you need a granny flat in Bay of Plenty, consider choosing a prefabricated option. At Manor Build, we create top quality but affordable homes that meet your needs precisely.


Everyone’s level of need is different. For example, you may not need a large amount of additional space, but you do want to have input into the final product. What about if you simply want to choose a blueprint and remain as “hands off” as possible? We can accommodate clients of either preference with the same level of superior service. The diversity of our available designs and commitment to your satisfaction are why our portable homes are perfect for Bay of Plenty families. Whether you live in Whakatane or Tauranga, we can realise many possibilities for your property.


Finding the right design for portable homes in Bay of Plenty


As a first step, ask yourself what amount of space you or any relatives need to feel comfortable in the home. While we have many compact portable homes available, homes with spacious living features are available too. For example, the three-bedroom “Haast” plan is an expanded variation on one of our other popular designs. This build features larger rooms with an “open concept” kitchen and living area. It could be ideal for a small family looking for an affordable place to live without sacrificing any “creature comforts.”


Only need a little space? That’s just as easy for us to provide for your family. Our two bedroom Villa design is perfect for adding a granny flat to your property. With the stunning finishes we add to every property, it will be an excellent visual addition. You can have as much or as little input on the interior and exterior appearance as you like; each client receives a service tailored to their situation.


Learn more about our advantages today.


When faced with the need for more space, it’s easy for families to feel real pressure to find a new space quickly. Manor Build is here to help relieve that pressure while delivering the peace of mind that accompanies working with a highly qualified team. Not sure which floor plan would best suit your level of need for a granny flat? We’ll be happy to help you work through the process of choosing the perfect design for moving forward. As your source for affordable housing to the Bay of Plenty area, meeting your needs while staying within budget is an attainable goal. We know you’ll love the final product, too. 

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