Jan 31 2020

Looking for affordable housing in Auckland? Consider portable homes

Shelter is one of our most basic needs, but how we choose to satisfy that need varies immensely from person to person. Everyone has different tastes and nuanced preferences that determine what they need from the homes in which we live. The same goes for when you want to add a granny flat to your Auckland property. Should you contract a builder to begin from scratch? It might seem like the only way to guarantee you receive housing that suits the needs you have in mind. However, that’s not the case – what about choosing to use portable housing instead? Built in a controlled factory environment, the components arrive for final assembly at the site of your choosing.


You might wonder: “Won’t that mean making compromises on quality and the final finishes?” At Manor Build, our answer to that question is a resounding “No.” We know that it is possible to create beautiful yet affordable housing through this construction method. With the right design, advanced techniques, and experience, you can rely on portable homes in Auckland to provide you with the same long-term stability of a traditional build. Consider a few things about the homes we build that set them apart from other pre-built granny flat options you’ve seen in the past.


Modern, luxurious, yet affordable housing for Auckland residents


Flexible designs allow our buyers to begin by choosing a floor plan that suits their needs. From a small one bedroom plan of 43 square meters to our huge “Takapuna” four-bedroom layout, there is something for every type of home buyer. Choosing an initial design is only the beginning of our service, though.


We use a well-developed construction process with proven and durable materials. In fact, we chose these materials in part based on their lower maintenance costs. Not only will you find a granny flat be more affordable up front, but you will save money over the lifetime of the building, too.


Because our homes are more affordable overall, they come equipped with a richer array of finishes that you would otherwise expect to carry an additional cost. You will find even the simplest property we create features a mansion-like character.


Experience a new level of home design and build quality


By the time we finish the final touches, you’ll hardly believe you’re looking at a portable granny flat. In fact, you can expect it to look exactly as if it was built on-site from the very first nail. That’s the level of quality we create on every build, no matter how big or small the property. Combined with a purchase and building process that takes all the pressure off you, and you’ll find Manor Build is one of the premier sources for affordable housing around Auckland. We encourage you to explore our available designs here on our website. To start a conversation with our team of professionals, contact us today.