Mark's rapid resale development

- 106 SQM
- 3 Bedrooms
- 2 Toilets
- 1 Bathroom

Project Overview: Rapid Development and Resale by Mark with the Coleridge Plan

Mark, a property developer, faced the challenge of needing to rapidly develop and sell homes on three new sections created from subdividing an existing large property. The location demanded high-quality homes that matched the upscale architectural style of the area, and speed was essential to ensure profitability.

Client Goals and Project Vision

Mark was thrilled with the living space this floor plan provided whilst not taking up the whole of his section, making it possible to have generous off-street parking. He was also able to modify the standard layout so the entrance was on the other side of the house compared to the standard plan. Everything to do with this house adds up to a return on investment.

Mark selected our Coleridge plan for its unique and adaptable design.

Design Selections to suit the neighbourhood

To align with the upscale nature of the neighbourhood and maximise resale value, he made strategic choices in the finishing touches:

  • Feature cladding at the entrance to create a striking first impression.
  • Dark feature paint throughout the living areas for a modern, stylish look.
  • Country-style trims on interior and exterior windows to enhance aesthetic appeal.

These selections were made from our standard range to maintain cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the placement of windows, doors, and decks was meticulously planned to optimise the views and capture natural light, enhancing the living experience.

Fast Build and Delivery

With the construction of the transportable homes underway in our factory simultaneously with site preparation, the build time was significantly reduced. This parallel processing allowed Mark to swiftly complete the project within five months, from contract to delivery. The homes were quickly sold, returning a profit and contributing to the Taranaki property market with warm, energy-efficient, and affordable housing options. This project not only exemplified the efficiency and quality of Manor Build's services but also highlighted the benefits of prefab construction in meeting market demands swiftly and effectively.

  • Floor plan – Coleridge
  • M2 – 106
  • Bedrooms – 3
  • Bathrooms – 1 (plus additional toilet)
  • Build time from contract to delivery – 5 months

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