Jan 16 2020

Finding transportable and relocatable homes in New Zealand

Transportable and relocatable homes in NZHomeownership is an important part of economic stability, but there’s no one size fits all when it comes to housing needs. In fact, there is a multitude of reasons a non-conventional build can provide a better solution for a new home, solving a housing problem a traditional home may not be able to fulfil.


While the country is in the midst of a housing crisis, transportable homes offer a fast, more cost-effective solution, especially for those who need a house sooner rather than later. They are compact and strong, which also makes them a good deal more durable than other houses. As a result, transportable homes are often highly energy-efficient, which lowers utility costs and increases long-term energy savings for owners.


What is a transportable home?


Transportable homes are typically built in a factory and then transported by truck to a different location after construction is complete. While a relocatable home is similar to a transportable home in that it can be moved from one place to another, in most cases it can then be moved again and again with no issues. This is because they are not built into the foundations, unlike a transportable home. This is why, unlike relocatable homes, many transportable homes look no different to traditionally built homes, especially once landscape and decking have been completed.


A transportable home can also come in many shapes and sizes, from a one-bedroom granny flat to a spacious four-bedroom family home. Let's look at how a transportable home can be used.

Transportable homes can be used As a second dwelling

Already own a home? It’s possible that since buying your current home, your family has changed and you find yourself in need of additional space. This is where a second dwelling could be just the solution for you. Whether you’ve got a young adult needing extra freedom, a boomerang child or an elderly relative seeking the security of family close by, adding a second dwelling could be the ideal solution. A transportable home can come in the shape of a one-bedroom self-contained unit, or a two-bedroom small dwelling just like this one, the options can also be customised to suit the needs of the occupant.

Transportable homes can be a great investment opportunity

A transportable home can offer an additional revenue stream for those looking to maximise their income potential. By placing a small self-contained unit on the section, owners can rent it out as an Airbnb for supplementary income. Alternatively, if you’re looking to free up cash flow and your property is fortunate enough to have a large section, subdividing your land and placing a larger transportable home on the property for sale can be a very lucrative option.

A transportable home can make for a beautiful family home

The idea that a transportable home is delivered on the back of a truck, may give the impression that transportable homes are smaller in scale than a typical family home. However, transportable homes can be up to four or even five bedrooms and include two bathrooms, take this transportable home design for example. A transportable home isn’t just a viable option for a second dwelling but also a primary family home.

Transportable homes provide an Opportunity to downsize

A smaller home could mean lower bills, easier maintenance, and everything being closer together. Selling your current home can free up extra cash to pay off your loans, spend on that epic trip, or assist the family in getting on the property ladder themselves. As our lives change so can your housing requirements. Perhaps the family has grown up and moved out of home, retirement could be approaching or you might just be looking for a simpler life. 


With a transportable home, you can reap the benefits of downsizing without the hassles of a traditional build. Built within a factory instead of on-site, there are no delays due to bad weather, fewer tradesmen and waste, no budget overruns, and far less stress. It's a great way to get into a brand new home with minimum hassle.


What is the Manor Build advantage?


Finding the perfect transportable home in the North Island of New Zealand is as easy as calling Manor Build. As a Taranaki-based business, the entire transportable homes build process takes place in the New Plymouth factory and from there can be delivered to just about anywhere across the North Island.


Manor Build homes completely redefine the concept of the prefabricated transportable home. They’re designed to look amazing, feel spacious, conserve energy, and travel easily. With advantages like that, there is a lot of good reasons to invest in one of Manor Build’s projects. Let us explore these benefits further. 

Manor Build homes are designed with travel in mind

From the construction yard to your site and also for moving again in the future. Manor Build’s transportable homes are designed to withstand journeying around the country with all the jostle and bumps that entails. This exceptional durability also makes them ideal for areas where inclement weather is a recurring problem and helps them resist damage from other sources too. 

When you want to buy a home that will last longer, and wow your neighbours, a Manor Build transportable home could just be the ideal solution to your new home needs. 

Manor Build homes are built sustainably

Enjoy a transportable home with pride, knowing it was constructed the kinder, greener way. That’s the beauty of a streamlined, factory-built home. They’re far more sustainable than a traditional build. With more systematised material supply, fewer labourers commuting out to isolated sites, reduced construction waste, and less potential for weather damage and delays. You can build confidently with Manor Build knowing the process is gentler on your land and kinder to the earth.

Manor Build homes feature high-quality finishes

With specific attention to the small details that make homeownership a joy, even the finishes on Manor Build homes are designed to look immaculate. People may have once shied away from prefabricated, factory homes because of their boxy appearance, but not anymore. Manor Build works with each customer to create a design suited to their specific tastes, which means that you can have a practical home without sacrificing personality.


There is no denying that transportable homes can be a smart choice. With an extensive range of transportable home designs varying in size, style, and price, when you choose Manor Build you can be confident you will find a home that suits your new build needs and budget. If you’re looking for a new home solution, why not download our brochure to explore our range of transportable homes? 

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